12 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives in 2021

It might have been three years ago, but users of the popular torrent site have not received any closure since their final message was posted. There was no explanation as to why the site was shut down, and it left many wondering where to go next for their file sharing needs.

While some ExtraTorrent clones quickly appeared, users found out the hard way that they weren’t as trustworthy as the original site. The torrent files they ended up downloading were either infected with malware or didn’t contain any of the items they were looking to acquire.

Thankfully, there are some ExtraTorrent alternatives available in 2021 that are not only safe but don’t appear to be shutting down any time soon. If you haven’t used a file-sharing site since ExtraTorrent closed, then you should take a look at these sites if you miss torrenting.

1.   The Pirate Bay

Despite multiple attempts from around the world to shut it down, The Pirate Bay remains of the most popular torrent sites and best ExtraTorrent alternatives around. It might have had to create several proxy sites to stay alive, but The Pirate Bay is still able to remain open and fulfill your file-sharing needs.

The site features thousands of high-quality torrents in a range of different categories. There are some annoying pop-up ads every now and then. But it’s a small price to pay for trustworthy torrents that are on par with the original ExtraTorrent website.

2.   1337x

It might have a simple look compared to ExtraTorrent and other torrent sites, but 1337x is superbly organized and is home to many high-quality torrents. If you’re not sure what you need to download, then you can always browse through their top 100 files to see what’s trending and what you should acquire.

As 1337x has continued to grow in popularity, it’s meant that Google has pulled it from its search engine results. So to access this torrent site, you’ll need to type it directly into the address bar. Just make sure to save it to your bookmarks before you leave so you don’t have to do it every time.

3.   RARBG.to

For over ten years, RARBG has been one of the most popular torrent sites to the point that it has got itself blocked in Australia, the UK, and Saudi Arabia. It’s also one of the favorite ExtraTorrent alternatives, thanks to the loyal community of users who are looking to keep everyone safe.

You’ll find genuine and honest reviews from torrent users on what files are free of any malicious materials and what ones you should avoid altogether. Much like ExtraTorrent, there are plenty of categories and subcategories. So you should have no trouble finding the torrent you’re after.

4.   Zooqle

If you’re looking for an ExtraTorrent alternative that specializes in gaming, then Zooqle is the best torrent site for you. The interface is perfect whether this is the first time you’ve ever visited a torrent site or if you’re a regular user.

The torrenting site doesn’t look like it gets updated regularly, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t new files routinely added. This ExtraTorrent alternative claims to have over five million verified torrents, and this number seems to continue to grow on a daily basis.

5.   TorLock

Many former ExtraTorrent users quickly flocked to TorLock once the site shut down. Whether it was movies, music, anime, or books, the site managed to have a torrent for any search result. It even contains files that never seemed to be available on other sites.

Fans also enjoy the familiar layout as it is just as user-friendly as ExtraTorrent. This made browsing through the catalog of over five million torrents very simple and allowed you to find precisely what you were looking for.

6.   Torrentz 2

You might have heard of the torrent site, Torrentz. Just like ExtraTorrent, it was shut down. However, users understood this was due to a court order instead of getting no explanation whatsoever. Thankfully, a clone site was created and brought over all of the popular files from the original library.

When you land on the Torrentz home page, your antivirus software will create an alert. But the site is safe to use and isn’t a concern provided that you’re using a VPN to protect you and your IP address.

7.   TorrentDownloads.me

It’s easy to find the torrent that you need on TorrentDownloads. This ExtraTorrent alternative features seven distinct categories and another group with torrents that don’t fit into books, anime, software, games, music, movies, or TV shows.

Alternatively, you can search for a torrent by selecting the most active, most seeded, or the most leached. You might end up torrenting something you didn’t even know that you needed.

8.   LimeTorrents

If you ever used LimeWire to retrieve music, then you’ll instantly be familiar with the LimeTorrents layout. Much like ExtraTorrent, it tries to keep its layout simple to understand so that you know exactly what you’re torrenting and how long you’re going to have to wait for a file to download.

LimeWire doesn’t work exactly like ExtraTorrent though. No torrents are hosted on its servers. The torrent site simply helps you find the best location to get the files you need and shows how healthy the files are with a simple red, yellow, green color scheme.

9.   YTS

You might recognize the name YTS if you’ve ever been torrenting on The Pirate Bay or ExtraTorrent. YTS originally started out as YIFY and was popular for providing some of the best torrent files on the internet. Now the creators host their own torrent sites and still offer high-quality files to download.

Many countries have unsuccessfully tried to shut down YTS, and it’s blocked in some countries. However, you can get around with this a VPN if you need to get your hands on some of the best files that aren’t available on any other torrent sites.

10. Nyaa

Now that ExtraTorrent is no more, it can be challenging to locate Anime torrents. The Pirate Bay has a decent collection, but it’s nothing compared to the files that are available on Nyaa. This ExtraTorrent alternative boasts the most extensive collection of anime-themed torrents on the web.

You’ll find plenty of episodes of your favorite shows that are available in both Japanese and English versions. It’s also possible to get your hands on soundtracks, pictures, and other memorabilia too. If you’re an anime fan, then this is the only torrenting site you’ll ever need to visit.

11. EZTV

These four letters were also a familiar sight on ExtraTorrent. It didn’t seem to matter what TV show you were looking for. EZTV managed to have a torrent for it and made it available minutes after it finished airing.

You’ll only find TV shows on the official website. So you’ll need to go to another torrenting site for other file types. The website also prompts you to use a VPN while you’re browsing through its catalog. This is highly recommended due to the large number of pop-up ads you’ll encounter when you click anywhere on the site.

12. TorrentGalaxy

Many torrenting users adore the layout on TorrentGalaxy. You don’t need to think very hard if the torrent has plenty of seeders or if it’s from a trusted source. There also plenty of images available to give you a clear indication of what you’re acquiring.

It even features additional categories that were never available on ExtraTorrent. You can still find movies, TV shows, and music. However, there are also documentaries, sports matches, and footage of competitions that are usually hard to find on most torrenting sites.

Should You Use ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites?

If you miss ExtraTorrent too much, then there is a way to continue to use the site through mirror sites. While the clones of ExtraTorrent can contain malicious materials, the mirror sites are older versions of the original site.

In 2021, there are currently only three mirror sites still working. The websites are:

·     extratorrent.ch

·     extratorrent.si

·     extratorrent.cd

How to Download Files Safely from Torrent Sites

Many ExtraTorrent fans are still bewildered by its sudden closure. There was no warning that it was coming, and the owners didn’t provide an explanation as to why it is no more.

Fortunately, there several other alternative sites available that allow users to acquire files that they need. There are even some ExtraTorrent mirror sites for when torrenting fans want to reminisce of a better time.

But no matter what torrent sites you visit, you should always ensure you have a VPN activated before you start browsing through a catalog. A VPN can disguise sensitive information like your IP address and location. It also hides your web history from your internet service provider.

Not all VPNs are the same though. Some throttle your bandwidth, making you wait longer for a file to download. Others might cap your data so you can’t get as many files as you want. Before you sign up for a virtual private network, head to VPN Testing to find the right one for your torrenting needs.