9 Best Free Adblock for Chrome in 2021

Are you desperate for an ad blocker for Chrome?

It doesn’t seem to matter what website you click on these days. You’re presented with pop-ups attempting to coax you into handing over your email address or signing up for a special offer. Meanwhile, in the background of the website, your details are getting tracked with cookies so that your activity is recorded no matter where you head to next. Scammers are also watching and ready to present malicious materials when you least expect them.

You can’t stay offline forever though, so what’s the answer to dealing with these ads? Thankfully, there are ad blockers you can install directly into your browser that can take care of any intrusive distractions during your online experience. Hold on to your money, because you won’t have to pay a cent for this privilege.

There’s also no need to click on any of the ads showcasing these features either. Just choose one of the free ad blockers from this list below to get started.

What Does an Ad Blocker Do?

If you’re unfamiliar with ad blockers, in short, they remove or hide any type of online marketing on an internet browser or in an application. There are programs you can install on your laptop or computer, but there are also browser extensions that do the job as well.

Some of the best ad blockers will target marketing such as:

·     Video ads – any sort of video or audio flash-style display that automatically plays when it appears

·     Banner advertisements – ads that surround a webpage

·     Billboard ads – ads that appear as you’re scrolling down the page

·     Interstitial ads – ads that display before taking you to the content you requested

·     Pop-ups – ads that appear and block the content you were viewing

·     Pop-under ads – an advertisement that opens a new window

·     Sticky ads – an ad that remains on screen while you’re scrolling

How do Ad Blockers Work?

So how does an ad blocker know what content to hide from you and what should get displayed? Well, while a web page is loading up, the ad blocker is working in the background and reading the code. It’s then comparing it to other sites and content it’s been programmed to block.

However, you still might see an advertisement or two on your Google Chrome browser. Ad blockers will simply determine if they should block pop-ups and annoying content as opposed to acceptable ads. The Acceptable Ads Committee has created a set of standards to determine what type of content should display and what shouldn’t.

Acceptable ads get placed on a list and provided to ad-blocking software to prevent them from getting hidden. So while you still might come across some ads during your browsing experience, they shouldn’t be as intrusive or annoying.

The Best Ad Blockers for Chrome

There are several factors to consider when determining the best ad blockers for Chrome. Besides being free, you also need to know if you want acceptable ads to show and how it filters the remaining content. It’s also worth understanding if there are any additional features that come with the ad blocker to protect you while you’re online or if they’re just going to take up space.

Keeping all of this in mind, here are the best ad blockers to consider that won’t cost you a cent.

1.    AdGuard

It doesn’t matter if you use Chrome on your Windows or Mac laptop or computer. It also doesn’t make a difference if you use it on your Android or iOS device. AdGuard will stop ads and pop-ups on all of these platforms. It even comes with a DNS service to help keep your home network protected from malicious tracking materials.

There is a parental control feature if you want the ad blocking extension to hide adult material from your kids. This feature is available on all of the devices that AdGuard works on.

The team behind the ad blocker is very responsive, so if you find that an advertisement isn’t hidden, then you can submit a complaint to their website. They’ll even take on feedback about content not displaying correctly. Updates are then deployed to help maintain its place as one of the best ad blockers available.

2.    UBlock Origin

This free and open-source ad blocker will hide almost everything except the content you want to view. Its filters can block trackers, malware, and all other types of ads. You can even pull up a fact sheet with all of the ads you didn’t have to see after a browsing session.

If you’ve got a technical background, then there are advanced options to personalize your browsing experience. You can manipulate the pop-up blockers, adjust if you want to block large media ads, and choose what fonts you want to be displayed.

These features take up a lot of CPU power compared to other free ad blockers, but if you want complete control over your software, this is the best option for you.

3.    AdBlock Plus

One of the most popular ad-blocking extensions for Chrome, AdBlock Plus, has inspired many imitations. However, nothing beats the original.

The team behind the free adblocker has developed one of the most comprehensive filter lists and supports over 50 different languages. The filter lists are frequently updated too so that you never have to witness pop-up ads ever.

It does allow you to view some acceptable ads so that websites can still earn some revenue. However, if you find this too annoying, then you can adjust the setting so that it blocks ads on this list as well.

4.    AdLock

This ad blocker keeps things simple. It has a basic look with minimal options that can either be turned on or off. But while AdLock doesn’t look like much, it packs a lot of power behind the scenes.

Filters are customizable, and if you want to add websites to the lists, then it will only take a couple of clicks. Unfortunately, you can’t choose to show some ads and hide other elements on the site. It’s either on or off.

It’s the best ad blocker for beginners who don’t want to have to play around with the settings. So if you want more features, then this might not be the ad blocking extension for you.

5.    AdBlock

Over 65 million users trust AdBlock to hide annoying ads while they’re using Chrome. While it comes with a filter list, you can create your own and add new websites if it’s not blocking ads you don’t want to see.

AdBlock does allow acceptable ads to display, but there is a setting that can change this. But the ad blocker will automatically take care of malware, cryptocurrency mining, and even Facebook and YouTube ads.

It’s free and open-source and works on laptops, PCs, as well as Android and iOS devices. With so many people using it for pop up blockers, it’s one that you can trust to do the job for you.

6.    Ghostery

The name says it all. Ghostery is one of the best ad blocker extensions that not only takes care of annoying advertisements but also protects your privacy by stopping trackers.

This browser extension practices what it preaches too. During the installation, it will give you the option to opt-out of providing the developer’s any information to help improve its ad-blocking capabilities.

Once you’ve set it up, it will block ads, stop adult advertising tracking software, and provide you with site statistics to let you know how its improved your experience. You can even upgrade the ad blocker to receive new themes and priority support, but it’s an optional addition and not required to keep you safe.

7.    AdBlocker Ultimate

The team behind AdBlocker Ultimate wants to remove every single advertisement you see while you’re browsing the web. This includes malware, trackers, display ads, and anything that pops up on a site or social media.

AdBlocker Ultimate is completely free and open-source like many pop-up blockers, but it does rely on donations to keep it updated and compete against other Chrome extensions. The funds have allowed the group to provide support for over 20 different languages and strengthen its capability in blocking ads.

Even if you choose not to donate to the developers, you’re still getting one of the best ad blocker extensions that continues to evolve and improve with each update. It’s also kept its word that it will never allow acceptable ads on its platform.

8.    Adaware Ad Block

The Adaware Ad Block not only manages to stop video ads, pop-ups, and any other annoying advertisement from slipping through, but it’s also able to speed up your browsing speed while it’s working in the background.

Configuring this Chrome browser extension is easy too, as it comes with several on and off switches for each of its settings. It has built-in phishing protection so no one can steal your personal information, and it can create automatic filtering options automatically for you.

On occasion, a video ad may slip through its filters. However, it’s easy to add these elements to the filters for next time. If you want something simple to use and increases your browsing speed, then this could be the best ad blocker for your situation.

9.    Adblock Fast

While Adblock Fast is an open-source platform, it has no interface at all, and there is no way to configure it. It’s perfect if you want an ad blocker that you don’t even know exists on your device.

The only evidence you’ll have that it’s installed on your machine is in the Chrome browser’s status bar. It will show one of four messages depending on what it’s detected.

·     Don’t block ads. No ads were found

·     Don’t block ads. Ads were found

·     Block ads, no ads were found

·     Block ads, ads were found

If you’re a minimalist, then you’ll love AdBlock Fast. However, if you prefer ad blockers with a little more substance, then you’re best to choose one of the above options.

Other Methods to Protect Yourself Online

Ad blockers do more than just stop you from seeing advertisements from corporations and pop-ups for special offers. They can also prevent your web history from getting tracked and control your device from installing malware, spyware, and other malicious items.

The best ad blockers allow you to personalize the Chrome extension to your needs. They allow you to choose what web pages to target and what type of ads you don’t want to see. You can continue to update the filter lists and turn off settings related to ads the Chrome software deems acceptable.

However, an ad blocker should not be your only line of defense against malicious content and tracking software. You should also have a VPN running whenever you’re online. A virtual private network can disguise your location and provide you with complete anonymity no matter what website you’re on. Not only does it protect you against hackers, but it also stops your internet service provider from browsing your web history. Some VPNs also have built in ad blockers.

Just like Chrome ad blockers, not all VPNs work the same way. Some store your information and others don’t provide you with complete anonymity. The only way to find out the best one for your situation is by testing them. Read our in-depth reviews, so you know exactly how you’ll be protected. Head over now to find the right one for your needs and block more than just ads today.