My IP Address Software: Detect IP Real-Time and Historic Changes

My IP Address (MIPA) is a freeware standalone software for Windows made by Andy Michael.

MIPA works as a third-party monitoring software to detect any potential IP leaks. It lets you see your IP location in real-time on your taskbar and automatically logs all IP changes as a .txt file. If you are suspicious about your IP leaking, you can check IP changes history with a timestamp.

Furthermore, some VPN application server connection buttons are not accurate, MIPA helps to confirm the accurate location.

  • Freeware (all functions included)
  • A real-time IP address on a taskbar
  • IP change history including timestamp, IP address, country, county, city, ISP, organization, latitude, longitude
  • Automatically start when Windows starts option
  • Lightweight – 1.79 MB

How it works? (It’s super easy)

  1. Download the My IP Address.rar file and extract it to a desirable folder. Open My IP Address.exe

2. An icon will appear under the taskbar with automatically updating your current location flag.

3. Your location IP address appears under the taskbar when hovering over the flag icon.

4. Right-click to open the menu. You can tick “Start with Windows” to automatically start the program when Windows starts. In addition use “View history” to see the full log of IP changes.

5. “View history” shows you all details about your current and previous locations and helps you spot anomalies.

That’s it.

Currently available for Windows 10. No catch, tracking, etc. Just enjoy.

Freeware Download

NB: You might sometimes get “unable to detect IP”, we are working on fixing it.

After you have used one of the methods, refresh the page and your new IP appears as previously.

Test pages: In order to detect vulnerabilities in your VPN service, detect a web-based DNS leak, or the all-in-one VPN leak test.

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