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It’s a service used by marketing teams, UX specialists, executives, developers, designers, and many other professionals to test their products with users, gather feedback, and iron out issues before it launches.

But someone has to be performing the user testing. The website employs people around the world who are looking to get paid for their insights on what would work best for an app or website. So who wouldn’t want to earn some extra money on the side completing some user tests?

Could you quit your day job and make money full-time at UserTesting though? Before you type up your resignation letter, take a look at this review first to see if it’s possible to make enough money testing all day, every day.

What is UserTesting?

Companies around the world crave feedback from their customers. Especially when it comes to their digital products. Sites like UserTesting provide these organizations with this service in a similar way to focus group testing.

Real people will test out a website or an application and discuss their experience. They’ll perform a series of tasks and discuss what they felt worked well and what could be improved. There’s also an opportunity to speak directly to testers to learn more about the user experience. has been around since 2007 and has built a positive reputation online. Client satisfaction is relatively high, and the social media reviews are also positive. The website offers multiple packages for companies depending on how much user experience insights they are after.

The basic plan comes with 15 video sessions a year and features participants selected from the testing pool. The pro account allows businesses to choose their own participants. It also comes with additional analytics, admin controls, and advanced testing options.

There is even an enterprise option that provides more thorough information. It includes access to customized reports and analytics around how the user experience is trending as well as how it compares to competitors.

For testers, users are selected based on their profile and demographics. If they feel you’re the right person for a particular client, then you’ll get asked to participate in the user testing. However, you’ll need to complete a screening process first, so UserTesting understands more about you and the type of businesses you’re best suited to.

Can You Get Paid User Testing?

The short answer is that you can make money through user testing. UserTesting pays up to $60 per test. While that might sound like a lot of money to complete some user experience test, the volume of work is limited.

Tests are allocated according to the region that you live in, your demographic, and how well you’ve performed in previous user experience tests. So it’s reliant on UserTesting getting a lot of clients where you happen to be the perfect candidate to complete user experience tests.

So while the rate per test is decent for providing an opinion on a website or app, there might not be enough work for you to complete that would replace your full-time employment earnings.

How Much Money Can You Make on UserTesting?

UserTesting has a message on its site that completing user testing is a great way to make some extra money. But it’s not going make you enough money to quit your day job.

The payments for each test vary depending on how long it goes for. For really short user testing, you can expect to earn $3. For more thorough tests, you can make as much as $60. On average, most tests that you’ll receive will pay you $10 for your time.

Tests will appear daily in your dashboard after you log in. On most occasions, there is one or two sitting there waiting for you. You’ll need to complete a screening round before you can participate in the user testing. If you’re disqualified, then you won’t be paid for the test.

If you have received a high rating for previous tests, then it’s likely you’ll get selected for more opportunities. Your chances also improve if you own a number of different devices, as it means you can complete user testing on all of them.

How Do You Become a Tester?

If you live in Africa, Asia Pacific, India, Middle East, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, United States, or Canada, then you can sign up and make money as a user tester on this site.

Upon creating an account, you’ll need to provide an email address and complete a sample test. Once this is approved, you will begin a more thorough process where you’ll get asked for your personal information. UserTesting will also request your PayPal details as all payments are made via the platform.

There are no other payment methods, so if you don’t have PayPal, then you won’t be able to make money on UserTesting. You’ll also need to be over the age of 18 years old to become eligible as a user tester.

What are the Advantages of

Despite UserTesting not necessarily being able to cover all of your bills, there are still some advantages to utilizing the platform for some money on the side. Some of the benefits of using it include:

·     Opportunity for many tests if you live in the US

·     UserTesting is transparent about opportunities that are available

·     The system is user-friendly and easy to complete tests

·     Response times from UserTesting are usually around 48 hours or less

·     Payments are fair relative to the amount of time it takes to complete them

·     Your payment arrives seven days after you complete the test

·     The guidelines to perform tests are clearly outlined and explained

·     UserTesting provides helpful tutorials on how to perform the test to the best of your ability and achieve a 5-star rating

·     You don’t need to invest any money to become a user tester

·     You’re not required to upload any legal documents or proof of identification

What are the Disadvantages of

Unfortunately, it’s not all fast responses and PayPal payments. There are some cons to the platforms as well, and that you’ll need to consider if it’s worth your time and effort. Some of the negatives include:

·     The mobile app is a lot slower, and load times can be painful

·     You might not receive a notification that a new test is in your dashboard

·     Some days you may earn $120, and other days you might not make anything

·     You always need to be logged into the dashboard to wait for tests

·     There are not as many opportunities for citizens outside of the US

·     It can be challenging to qualify for tests

·     The disqualifying screener notification can be disheartening

·     You need to possess good English skills

·     It’s essential that you’re proficient with technology

How Can You Improve Your Chances of Getting Selected for Tests?

One of the critical criteria for getting selected for a test is through the user rating system. After every test you perform, the clients will rate the quality of your feedback. The ratings are:

·     One star means the tester was not helpful

·     Two stars mean the tester was only a little helpful

·     Three stars mean the tester was somewhat helpful

·     Four stars mean the tester was very helpful

·     Five stars mean the tester was extremely helpful

If your rating happens to drop below five, then it might be difficult to be chosen for future tests. Fortunately, there are some simple techniques you can employ so that you can keep your rating at five stars. Some of them include:

·     Ensure that your audio is high-quality when you submit the sample test

·     You need to be able to speak clearly and fluently in English

·     Vocabulary is irrelevant. You just need to be able to demonstrate that you can speak your thoughts freely and clearly

·     Background noise should be kept to a minimum

·     Use a headset or microphone to record your voice

·     Ensure you’re speaking loudly and clearly into the microphone

·     Make sure you’re talking about the tasks that you are completing

·     Provide exhaustive comments and feedbacks, so clients get a clear understanding of your user experience

What Equipment Do You Need to be a User Tester?

Fortunately, you don’t need to lay out a lot of money to become a user tester. As it’s unlikely to become a full-time opportunity, you also don’t want to be investing too much in the profession. There is some essential equipment that you need to complete tests though.

Desktop or Laptop Device

You can access UserTesting on any Windows PC or Apple Mac desktop or laptop. Ideally, it should run quickly and can connect to the internet. Some of these devices will come with a built-in microphone, which can be helpful. However, you’re best to ensure that it has the option to plug in an external device instead.

Microphone or Headset

If you’re using a desktop or laptop to complete tests, then you should invest in a headset or external microphone. Many of these items will decrease background noise and provide crystal-clear sound for your client. Provided that your feedback is useful, thoughtful, and clear, then the audio-quality will help ensure that you receive a five-star rating for your test.

Software Requirements

UserTesting will require you to download its screen recording software. This allows them to record your tests and for you to provide your feedback. It’s very easy to use and makes it simple to submit your findings after completing one of the tests. The software is supported on both Windows and Mac desktops and laptops. You will need to use a browser though as well. The UserTesting screen recorder doesn’t support Internet Explorer, but it does allow Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Mobile Device

One of the ways to increase your chances of participating in more tests is to complete them on mobile devices. UserTesting is supported on the Apple iPhone and iPad. You can also complete tests using an Android phone or tablet too. If you are conducting tests on a mobile device, then you should use headphones with a microphone to record your findings. It will provide much clearer audio and decrease the amount of background noise.

Reliable Internet Connection

The most important thing you’ll need to complete tests is a strong internet connection. The last thing you want is to have your Wi-Fi drop out while you’re in the middle of giving feedback. It’s also not recommended to use your mobile data as the usage requirements might be too high for your plan. Before you begin a test, ensure that you complete a health check of your connection so that you won’t have any interruptions while you’re giving feedback.

How to Stay Safe on

There are some pros and cons to becoming a user tester. You make money to test out new websites and play around in apps. It’s also nice to know that businesses take on board your feedback and implement changes based on your experience.

However, it’s not something you’re likely able to do full-time. Tests will seem few and far between as companies require the opinions of specific demographics. They also tend to choose those with the highest quality ratings. The rates per test might look appealing, but the total volume of work won’t make up for a full-time wage.

Another one of the cons is that you may need to invest in some equipment if you want to take it seriously and achieve a 5-star rating. Clients will expect high-quality audio so they can get every piece of feedback you have about their website or application. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet either. They’ll expect your internet connection to be stable. You don’t want to have a dropout while you’re in the middle of a test.

If you’re using a VPN while completing tests, then it needs to be just as stable as your internet connection. Not all virtual private networks are the same though. Some can throttle your bandwidth, which can impact the results of your tests. Others may have unstable servers that disconnect regularly. If you’re serious about becoming a user tester, then head to VPN Testing first. We can provide you with the necessary feedback to ensure you complete your tests without worrying about your VPN connection.

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