The Best Torrent Client

If you have some big files that you need to download, you are in the right place.

You can try downloading them directly to your hard drive. But depending on your internet speed and the host server’s power, you might be waiting hours or potentially days for it to download completely.

A much faster way is to get your hands on the best torrent client for your downloading needs. A good torrent client will get the files you need from several servers, allowing you to receive everything you need much faster.

But how do you know what is the best torrent client for your needs? Are all torrent clients the same? Sadly no.

There are significant differences between a lot of the programs. However, you don’t need to download them all and test them out. Just take a look below to find out what the right torrent client is for you.

How do Torrents Work?

Torrents are files that are shared via a decentralized, peer to peer network. It lets users transfer files without having to upload them to a server.

Instead, larger individual files get broken down and saved on a variety of computers on a network. The BitTorrent process then transfers the files from the uploaders, known as seeders, to the downloaders, known as leechers.

A torrent file contains details that identify which computers to download the files from. Then the torrent client reads all of the file information and connects the users so they can deliver the files to you.

Once enough data is received, it starts uploading the file so other users can download the torrent as well.

Are Torrents Legal?

While torrenting is often used in the same sentence as piracy, the use of torrent clients and downloading bittorrents is legal. However, this is provided that you’re using it to obtain software or materials that are available in the public domain.

The best rule of thumb to go by is that if the software, video, or material’s owner has provided their consent to download the files via torrent clients, it’s legal. But if you’re using torrents to get something that you would typically have to pay for, then you should steer clear.

How to Choose the Best Torrent Client For You?

There are different torrent programs that specialize in certain files that you might be wanting to download. So the best torrenting software for one person might not be the best torrent app for another. There are four considerations for choosing torrent clients.


You can get any torrent program for free. But while you’re downloading your files, you’re going to be also receiving a lot of ads, which a lot of torrent developers use to make their money.

Even if you don’t decide to pay for the premium version of the torrent client, it’s best to investigate if there is an option so that you’re only receiving the files you want from a torrent and not a ton of adware as well courtesy of the client.


Most of the best torrent software provides options to download on Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Android. But some clients work better on some operating systems than others.

While you’ll be able to download no matter what client you choose to use, you’ll still want to choose the best torrent downloader for your device so that you can get it as fast as you can.

File Size

The best torrent clients take up very minimal space on your device. They download lightning-fast and are installed in the blink of an eye.

The best torrent clients should never drain your usage either, even when it’s attempting to download huge files.

Simple to Use

Torrent clients shouldn’t make you feel like you need a degree in IT to be able to operate it. Some programs will feature multiple options that you’ll never actually use and don’t offer any value.

But the best torrent app will make it simple and easy to add your file, monitor its progress, and show you where it is when it’s finished downloading.

The Best Torrent Clients

Like most software, open-source torrent clients are getting updated regularly and adding new features to make them even better. Despite all the updates and additions, these are still some of the best programs that torrent downloaders should take a closer look at.


Even though it’s been around since 2006, qBittorent is the best torrenting software for anyone who is new to using torrents or doesn’t have a high-end device. It might not look the prettiest compared to other clients, but underneath the hood, there are plenty of tools and features that make this one of the easiest to use.

For starters, it features encryption for all of your connections, a torrent search engine, and even a media player so that you can load up your videos once they’ve finished downloading. You can also easily prioritize what files you want to download first if you’re planning on getting a torrent featuring several items.


Once you’re familiar with downloading torrents, you can choose to upgrade your client to Deluge. It still keeps the core features of simpler programs, but it has a lot more on offer that can make torrenting even better.

It takes up very little space on your device and only requires you to drag and drop your torrent file onto the platform to get everything started.

However, you can take the next step and integrate it with some browsers to minimize the number of applications you need to use to obtain a file. You can even unzip files within Deluge and organize them however you see fit. There’s also a scheduler available to shut down your device once the torrent has finished downloading.


This torrent program has a long lineage when it comes to bittorrents. It was a component of Azureus before separating to become its own thing.

There is a bit of a lengthy setup process. However, this helps customize the software to your specific needs. The program does walk you through each feature and explains it in enough detail that anyone can understand. So it’s one of the best torrent clients for beginners or experts who like to alter it according to their requirements.


Not only is BitTorrent one of the best torrent clients around, but it also hosts a website that allows you to download videos, music, and files legally. It even works with torrent files on other sites so that you don’t need to use their website exclusively.

Torrent downloaders are able to customize their view to include more options or less, depending on how experienced you are. You can also prioritize what torrents to download first, which files within torrents you want immediately, and play media when it’s completed. But what makes this free torrent client great is the option to stream media so that you can watch it while it’s still downloading.


This client is famous for its tiny file size and its simple interface that anyone can use. But what makes it the best free torrent client is the ability to prioritize files, install third-party plugins, and schedule downloads so that it’s not using all of your bandwidth when you need it for other tasks.

While it might be tempting to skip through a lot of the installation steps, you should make sure you don’t install some of the other software that comes with uTorrent. None of it is needed to download torrents.

For a cloud-based option, you should take a look at It takes up no file space on your device and still manages to contain all of the same features that other programs have.

Everything gets run within the browser, and all files are downloaded via the Bitport servers. This means your connection is encrypted and secure. If you need more storage space or want antivirus scanning, then you can pay a subscription for additional features.


While even the best torrenting client will offer a Mac version, it doesn’t always play nicely with the operating system due to Apple regularly making security updates. But Transmission manages to integrate perfectly and take full advantage of everything the Mac platforms have to offer.

Like most Apple products, Transmission is easy to use and tries to keep everything simple. Once you’ve dragged and dropped a torrent file, the program does the rest. It will adjust the settings according to your connection and run silently in the background until your files are ready. It’s definitely a great open-source client for Apple users who don’t want to make a switch to Windows for their torrent files.


If you not only download torrents but also create them, then the best torrent client for you would be BitComet. It doesn’t get updated as regularly as other open-source clients, but it still contains all of the features you’d expect.

It even features disk caching, which helps reduce the time to read and write from a hard drive. It’s not something that will make a significant difference to your torrenting experience, but it’s one of the key reasons why BitComet has been featured on the top torrent client lists for years.


When you first prepare to install BitLord, you’re presented with several programs you can download in addition to this open-source torrent client option. Choose wisely, as this will determine how long your installation will be and how much space it will take up on your device.

Once you open the torrent client, you’ll gain access to an assortment of features. You can start downloading immediately by adding torrent files. However, you can also use their search engine to find what you need, stream videos on your device or to your TV via Chromecast, and even download subtitles for movies or films that need them.


The best torrent client for media files is, without a doubt, WebTorrent. The whole platform is specifically customized for these types of files, and it offers a range of features specifically for users who don’t like to wait for their movie or TV show to download 100% to be able to watch it.

Not only can you stream media once the download has commenced, but you have several playback options available to you like most common media players. You can adjust the volume, change the playback speed, and add subtitles. It’s the best torrent client for all your viewing needs on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Halite BitTorrent Client

Some people just want the best torrent client without all the bells and whistles, which is precisely what Halite is. Although, it can be a little confusing to download as you’ll need to go to GitHub to get it.

But once it’s downloaded and installed, everything is so straightforward that there is no way you can mess up downloading torrent files. All you need to do is add one, and it will start. You can also stop and resume whenever you need to. You’ll also have access to all the necessary information you need to know about the download, especially how much bandwidth is getting used.

Other Software to Download Torrents

Even though torrent clients will handle all of the downloading of your media and files, there is still some other software you should acquire to ensure everything you’re getting is safe and not going to cause any problems for you. Most torrent clients are free and open-source, but this software is worth paying for.

Antivirus Software

Depending on where you’re downloading your torrents from will determine how safe and secure they are. You might get all of the files you expected to download, but you might also receive some malware in addition to the media and software.

Antivirus software will always flag a torrent as malicious, even if there are no viruses or malware included. You can run a scan on the torrent files once they’re on your device and before you open it, or you can download a torrent client that includes antivirus scanning as part of the program.

Some other preventative measures you can take are only downloading torrent clients from their official sites. This will reduce the risk of your software being part of the problem. You should also only download torrents from trusted websites that have a reputation of only hosting safe files to download.

Virtual Private Network

A VPN can come in very handy when you’re torrenting. Without it, you might not be able to access some of the most common torrent sites to download media, files, and software. A VPN will trick websites into thinking that you’re in another country so you can download the torrents you need.

It also protects you from other users on the peer to peer network. When you log in and start downloading, your IP address becomes available to anyone who wants to see where you are. Some users will even use this information to find out where you are and what torrents you’re accessing. A VPN will help make you anonymous from other users and allow you to get your files away from prying eyes.

The Best VPN to Use With Torrent Clients

There are several options for the best torrent client for your needs. As long as you consider any costs involved, the compatibility of the device you’re using, how much space it’s taking up of your storage, and the simplicity to use, then you’ll find the right program for your needs.

In addition to choosing the best torrent program, you should also consider the right antivirus software and virtual private network as well. Antivirus software will ensure that no matter where you’re downloading your files from, you’ll only get the media or software you’re desiring. It can also ensure that your client is authentic and is not infecting the rest of your operating system.

A VPN can help you access torrent sites and ensure that your identity remains anonymous to other downloaders. It doesn’t matter what country’s server you choose to use to disguise yourself. Other users won’t be able to trace your location or what you’re attempting to download.

Not all VPNs work the same way though. In fact, some can impact your download speeds, meaning you’ll be waiting longer to get the files you want. That’s why you should always use VPN test tool to first learn what is the right virtual private network for you. It doesn’t matter if you have the best torrent client or not. You should also make sure you have the best VPN as well.