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Why Use a Password Generator?

There are a number of reasons why you should use a password generator, the key amongst them being to stop your account being comprimised by hackers.

Cybersecurity crooks will often use a variety of methods to get their hands on your password details including brute force attacks (which involves using algorithims to guess a mass amount of combinations), or simple guesswork using birthdays or other weak passwords.

How to Avoid Getting Hacked

The key to a strong password lies in choosing something that is particularly unique and difficult to guess. In order to do this you should choose a complex password that is made up of a random series of numbers and letters.

You really need to get it right up on the entropy scale – that’s the measurement of how difficult a password is to guess – for those in the know. 

Don’t try using a common password such as ‘password123’, birthdays, or similar as these are prone to a type of brute force attack known as a dictionary attack, where hackers use software to randomly guess word combinations.

Instead you should lean into using ambigious characters and other difficult to guess techniques. But what if it is all a bit too much like hard work? Well, that’s where our handy Password Generator comes in.

Scroll up to use it and generate a perfect password in seconds.


What Makes a Password Strong?

The strongest possible password is one that is extremely difficult to guess, ideally you need one that is cryptographically secure and in the modern internet age, password strength really is everything.

A cryptographically secure password generator is one that generates a random password that is extremely difficult to crack.

If you want a strong password then you should absolutely avoid using easy to find details such as phone numbers or birthdays and instead try to make the password as random as possible.

A strong password is ideally made up of upper case letters, lowercase letters, and special characters.

Password length is another factor that you should keep in mind when trying to generate passwords. Longer passwords are generally more difficult to guess than shorter ones.

It is also important to use a unique password for each of your accounts or apps in case your details fall into the wrong hands.

In all, password security is vital when choosing a new password if you want to stay safe both online and offline.


Why Should You Avoid Reusing Passwords?

The key problem when it comes to reusing passwords comes when data breaches occur. A data breach happens when a website or other entity is hacked and large swathes of consumer data such as email addresses, passwords, or credit card information are stolen from online accounts.

As a general rule – you should use individual passwords for each of your different accounts because if you use the same password then you are only one data breach away from having multiple, or all of your accounts compromised.

This is why it is a bad idea to reuse passwords across multiple accounts. Each one of your logins should have an individual password so that if your details are stolen then it will affect one account at most.

An excellent way to avoid reusing passwords is to generate individual passwords using the password generator tool above and then save them individually using a password manager or directly using the autofill function of a web browser such as Google Chrome.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best way to create a password?

In order to create a difficult-to-guess password you should aim to use a random combination of numbers, symbols, and letters. You should avoid using common words or information such as place names or birthdays as they are easier to guess. The more random you can make it, the better.

What are the advantages of using password generators?

With all of these tips and tricks to remember on how to craft the perfect password, it can be difficult to keep it all in mind. Here’s where a password generator comes in. Our easy-to-use random password generator provides the perfect solution to all of your password woes within seconds.

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