HotSpot Shield VPN review

HotSpot Shield review: the Californian trickster

AnchorFree Inc is a US company founded in 2005 by David Gorodyansky. The organization owns also Betternet VPN and grows rapidly. Read full Hotspot Shield review

Price: 2.99

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Operating System: Windows

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Hotspot Shield on various devices

Not what we expected

Arguably the most popular free VPN on the market.

It has been downloaded 50 000 000+ times from the Android store, 86k reviews on the iOS market, and a “well-done badge” from us for being one of the top 10 most searched VPNs on Google.

AnchorFree Inc. is a US company founded in 2005 by David Gorodyansky. The organization owns both HotSpot Shield and Betternet VPN yet seems to keep growing fast. Every service has its flaws, so does HotSpot Shield. In this Hotspot Shield review, you will find out the pros and cons and our honest personal experience…

Let’s start.

Hotspot Shield VPN synopsis

Ranking: 37#/52
Parent company: Pango Inc/GmBH
Jurisdiction: the United States/Switzerland
Locations: 28+ countries/2500+ servers
Overall test result: UNSAFE (Data logging)
Torrenting: PASSED (Torrent allowed)
Netflix: FAILED (0/3)
Encryption/protocols: AES-256/IPsec/Catapult Hydra/OpenVPN UDP & TCP
Support: E-mail response ~28h
Cost: $2.99/mo
Official site:

Precaution! Potential phishing and malware sites

hotspotshield.qg redirects to, which contains malware

Some of us have fat fingers.. and sometimes typos just happen.

We found two suspicious sites that you should never confuse with original website.

  • – Potential phishing site
  • – Contains malware (DO NOT VISIT!)

Phishing websites are fraudulent websites created to steal visitors’ passwords or other details by imitating the original website.

*24.05 UPDATE: Both have been changed since publishing the review

Now let’s get back to the VPN itself.

Logs your data

There are two types of personal information HotSpot Shield collects:

The personal information you choose to give them by creating an account, contacting customer support and making the payment through credit card or Paypal:

And personal information they automatically collect. These include your e-mail, username, unique mobile ID:

They try to make it really clear – “We do not collect any logs..”:

Yet it’s hard to believe.


There are two things that happened in the year 2017 and 2018 that keep us alert.

No WebRTC or DNS leaks found

More than 22 VPNs leak your data. This usually happens due to software misconfiguration or buggy architecture.

Website visitors, whose data leaks, could be personally identified by seeing their exact location and timezone.

You may wonder, does HotSpot Shield leak?

Subscribing to their service and using 5 different web-based leak testing tools, we were able to figure it out. We’ve got the evidence:

In case of a leak, you would see our REAL IP address instead of the Japanese one. At the time of the test, we weren’t in Japan.

Just to help you better understand what is WebRTC and DNS leaks, read those two definitions:

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a tool that allows browsers to have real-time P2P connections with visited websites.

A DNS is used when resolving internet hostnames into IP addresses at ISP level. A leak is an act of storing, filtering or monitoring the traffic.

HotSpotShield abroad

When traveling to China, you must be ready for a surprise.

Most of the websites you use today are blocked, which means your business or personal relationships might suffer. Even for educational purposes, it takes a lot of research to find a suitable alternative for the Western version. Unfortunately, you cannot count on Google Scholar or Youtube.

The government has banned about 10 000+ domains and 86.5% of VPNs. This wouldn’t be a problem unless you knew which ones are approved, which are not.

But China hasn’t released an official list.

This is why we tested Hot Spot Shield on our own and found a remarkable discovery:

Using China Unicom ISP, the website itself wasn’t accessible. You see… I tried it at least 5 times:

But this isn’t the end of it. If you do have HotSpot Shield installed in your device before arriving on the mainland, you get lucky. Sorry… you don’t only get lucky, you actually get access to the whole world!

It’s one of the 7 VPNs that worked in China. It’s a big deal!

2500+ servers in 28 countries

This number of servers might sound a lot. Imagine it, 2500 pure physical devices spread all over the world, and you bet that maintaining them is not cheap!

In over 28 countries, you can access 26 U.S cities and places like London, Berlin, and Sydney.

There’s a note written underneath an official article about locations: The availability of Virtual Locations may vary depending on the device (platform). And of course, also whether you are using the free version or paid one.

Netflix (NOT working)

But apparently, the amount of CPUs doesn’t guarantee streaming sites to work. As an example, we had a really hard time watching Netflix. To be strictly honest, it didn’t work at all.

We connected to 3 random servers, refreshed cookies between each test and the aftermath was exactly the same:

Another alternative would be P2P.

So we took an initiative and tried to turn the zero to a hero.

Below you see how we were able to successfully download a movie using HotSpot Shield. Chaplin is great (It was copyright free):

Did you know?

  • Hot Spot Shield Free version has a daily limit of 500 MB
  • Back in 2012, HotSpot Shield usage grew rapidly due to the Flashback virus. More than 500 000+ Mac users were affected and HotSpot Shield was used as a protection.
  • AnchorFree has offices both in California and Germany.

Fast server speeds

It ranks as the 12th fastest VPN on the list.

This is what gives us hope. So far, it hasn’t shown too many great signs.

Speed tests are a hassle and let me tell you why.

Due to their large server base, it would be a month’s worth of testing to see the whole picture, and even this wouldn’t guarantee it matches everyone else’s perspective.

Speed tests vary by location, local internet speed, and your hardware. And there are 3 variables to consider: ping, download and upload speed.

PS: The most important of them for you is probably download, which has the most effect on your streaming experience, for gamers, ping plays a huge role as well.

Here’s the result we got by connecting to three servers across the globe:

Country Ping Download Upload
US 2016.67% -14.92% -66.73%
UK 466.67% 0.88% 51.32%
Asia 1600% -82.98% -46.80%

TLS 1.2 with ECDHE, AES 128-Bit encryption

Encryption is the core of VPN

HotSpot Shield is equipped with TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security). TLS is now a deprecated predecessor of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is way more advanced. So it makes us think why do they use old technologies?

They are also in the past with the encryption key sizes. The use of 128-bit AES instead of the modern 256-bit is incomprehensible. As an example, to crack the 128-bit key, it would take 1.02 x 10^18 years, with 256-bit, around 3.31 x 10^56 years.

It may not sound too bad yet the difference is huge.

With the changing time, software should have stronger encryption to secure from online attacks. Hackers are continuously involved in breaking old and weak encryptions. 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit RSA key is a must for VPNs.

  • Protocols

Hotspot Shield used to have IPSec and OpenVPN protocols but according to their support team, they found performance and latency challenges and decided to build their own – Catapult Hydra. Here’s a list of benefits you should get:

  • Faster server connection;
  • Time to the first byte for each client connection inside the tunnel saves 1.2 RTTs
  • Inside the tunnel, fewer data will be transferred
  • Long-distance connection speed is 2.4x faster than for OpenVPN tunnel between the same client and server

This last one may be the truth because OpenVPN does slower your speed and we saw pretty good results with their software.

Better speed and performance has always impact on the security and that’s why we have our doubts.

Customer support

Support effectiveness could be measured by contact channels, response time, and communication quality.

We submitted a request and started the timer in place. Only simple questions were asked and probably half of the answers could have been found from their article base. The response time though… was 1697 min = 28 hours = 1 day, ranking them as the 38th by response speed.

Anything urgent leaves you with empty hands. There’s no live chat to be used.


FREE combined with great is not often heard, HotSpot Shield is no exception.

Picking the complimentary option gives you 500MB of daily bandwidth, a smaller server park, and ads. The premium includes some improvements like faster speeds and

The cost on a monthly basis is quite… stunning:

  • $12.99 / month
  • $5.99 / year
  • $2.99 / 3-years

If you are buying through Europe IP. The cost is way higher… The monthly fee skyrockets to €15.99.

On the bright side, they have one of the longest money-back-guarantees we have seen – 45 days.

Our verdict – final thoughts

Equipped with kill-switch, supported by all main platforms and the ability to use in China. In addition, you could torrent with fast-paced speeds, get your necessary support, and have it all for… FREE!

But let’s face it. There’s something unusual about this private network.

The countless cases of unfair and deceptive trade practices, suspicious Ad network schemes and bugs. The encryption is worse and therefore, I couldn’t really be sure the data is safe like they say. Plus the lack of router compatibility and transparency all together makes us realize…

…It looks like a VPN but technically is a PROXY

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