Avast Secureline VPN License: How to Activate on Desktop – Step-by-Step Guide

Avast Secureline VPN works by changing the location of the user’s IP address using encryption for both outgoing and incoming internet traffic. Once the user subscribes to the Avast Secureline VPN services, they need to activate it using the Avast VPN activation code. This is provided by the company once the user purchases the Avast Secureline VPN license. The VPN can be activated in several ways, using:

  1. Activation code
  2. License key File
  3. Avast account.

This article will elaborate step by step guide on how to activate the Avast Secureline VPN on Windows using the activation code.

Locating the activation code 

The first step when trying to activate the Avast Secureline VPN is to locate the activation code. The license key code can be found in either one of the following three places.

  1. On the activation card
  2. In the email that was sent along with the confirmation order
  3. On any other Avast product.

Activating Avast Secureline VPN license key

This is a step by step summary of how to activate Avast Secureline VPN license key

  1. Open the Avast SecureLine application. This is done using the icon that is located on the desktop.
  2. Locate “Menu.”
  3. From the menu, locate and select “My licenses.”
  4. Once the My licenses tab pops up, click the “Enter valid activation code.”
  5. Key in the activation code provided in the given text box. Once complete, click Enter.
  6. Once the activation code is entered, you need to check your license details.
  7. Presently, if it is possible to use the same activation code with multiple products, you need to select a different license. The different license is located on the drop-down menu.

Activating Avast Secureline VPN license key using your Avast account

You can also activate your Avast SecureLine VPN using your Avast Account. These are the steps:

  1. Double-click the Avast SecureLine VPN icon found on the desktop. This will open the user interface.
  2. Go to “Menu then click “My subscriptions.”
  3. Click on the “Log in to your Avast Account.”
  4. Enter your “Avast Account credentials”, then click “Log In.” Alternatively, you can also use Facebook or Google to log in to your Avast Account. These options will use your existing Facebook or Google credentials. Additionally, you can also select the “Create Account tab if you want to create a new Avast Account.
  5. You can also check your subscription details. If you have multiple subscriptions, it is possible to select the subscription that you want to use. Once complete, click “Continue to return to the “My subscriptions screen.

Your Avast SecureLine VPN subscription is now active

These are the only steps that need to be followed in order to activate and use Avast SecureLine VPN. Once activated, it will remain active until its expiration date. The expiration date is located on “Licenses on this PC.”