Safe Trading Platforms for In-Game Digital Goods

If you’re an avid gamer, you might’ve thought of taking advantage of your hobby to make a living or enhance your gaming experience even more. If such is the case with you, you should definitely be open to checking out different marketplaces. A digital marketplace that allows you to buy items in video games.

Today, we’ll share some game trading platforms that’ll allow you to trade digital goods.

Video Game Trading explained

Every day, the gaming industry is projected to have over a billion gamers on mobile and desktop platforms. The huge amount of revenues made by the gaming business reflects the rising player growth, with the sector estimated at $100 billion last year and anticipated to surpass the $150 billion level by 2020. A significant amount of this sum is attributed to in-game trade, which is believed to have produced around $4 billion in total sales, an astounding figure given that these are only virtual products.

The issue with in-game trading is its ease of use. Researchers think that less than 10% of players trade in-game, with the remainder restricted owing to a lack of finances, geographical constraints, or being ignorant of the possibility.

Non-gamers may be puzzled as to how a digital object can be valued at such a high price. In a nutshell, games (typically multiplayer ones) let players to gather virtual goods in-game, such as beautiful armor or rare pieces of clothing or accessories. While these virtual assets are useless outside of the game, uncommon or unique goods may readily sell for thousands of dollars, with some items fetching six figures.

The lack of a sufficient framework in place to allow these exchanges to happen worldwide and safely at the same time is a roadblock with exchanging these products. Another issue with in-game goods is that they are only available in their respective games. Because the games are so different, a rare item in RuneScape cannot be readily swapped for another equally rare item in DOTA.

Today, the most prominent virtual item marketplace is Steam’s Marketplace, a site where players can buy and sell in-game things that is widely considered as the leader in digital trade.

However, one of the most significant issues with item trading on sites like this is the exorbitant number of costs associated with it, which is due in part to market monopolies such as Steam. For example, on the Steam marketplace, Valve deducts 5% of all transactions for products transferred, regardless of how cheap or costly they are.

This does not include the in-game charge, which is typically 8-10% of the item’s worth. As a result, sellers receive 80 percent of what they sold, if they are fortunate enough to have the lowest costs in their deals.

If you’ve never used a gaming marketplace, you’re lucky that is your first. This website offers the opportunity to buy a ton of items across a variety of games. You can get items from Rust, CSGO, Destiny 2 and other games from a wide variety of genres.

Additionally, there are other services available such as OSRS boosting, which allows you to get a higher rank, farm currency and generally avoid the boring grind in certain games, for a decent price.

If that’s not enough, is also equipped with cryptocurrency payment options, allowing you to cover your digital tracks and ensure a smooth process of payment. What’s not to love?

Dmarket is a global gaming marketplace where users may trade virtual items/skins.

The service has been up and running since 2017, and millions of users have used it to swap Rust, CSGO and DOTA 2 skins fast and safely. DMarket offers a real-time trading paradigm in which vendors are requested to sell and buyers bid. The transaction is entirely based on distributed ledgers (DLT).

DMarket’s major benefit is its low pricing. The lowest skin costs in the whole Rust market are available on this marketplace.

Although DMarket has these benefits, the interface is pretty confusing and hard to keep track of. With, you can easily avoid these issues and ensure that your gaming marketplace experience is top notch. is home to one of the largest Rust communities. With a long debate and numerous diverse perspectives, you may find the solution to any issue here. allows you to trade your skins without the need of third-party platforms, allowing you to buy directly with sellers.

This style of negotiating is useful, but only in part. The pricing of these offerings might be highly profitable, but not always. The most serious issue with trading on is the security of your transaction. No one on can guarantee a safe skin swap., on the other hand, is a terrific approach to communicate with other gamers while also finding the solution to your query. It can be a useful method to bargain at times.


The final site on our list is CS.Trade. A popular platform with lower pricing than Steam and greater security than Reddit. This website has some unique features as well as the standard skin swap.

One of the benefits is the ability to upgrade your previous appearance to a new one for a nominal charge. This implies that if you become weary of your old covers, you may exchange them for a new one. However, in my experience, it is often more lucrative to sell the cover on the internet and get a new one than to enhance it in this manner. Because the price in the update is significantly lower than the price in the negotiation.

Another site for exchanging skins. This website has a lot of great feedback and a compelling tale. There are also various skins for sale. The service provides excellent assistance and has a user-friendly UI. You may always call support if you have an issue, and they will address it within a day.


This is the first and largest officially sanctioned skin exchange service. There are various skins for each game on the Marketplace, which allows you to trade them.

In that scenario, it offers significant advantages. Other than the Bitskins launcher, you do not need to log in elsewhere. You may purchase skins from other games as well as things from Rust and Dota 2.


What is the best marketplace?

Well, that depends on your trading style. Some users prefer Binance and some prefer Eldorado because of the low prices, and others like Bitskins due to its wide range of games and items.

There is no “best” platform for everyone – just the best one for the individual. The article above will help you find out which one is ideal for your needs.