How to Change Your Location in Pokemon GO

Have you caught all of the Pokemon?

Depending on where you live in the world, there’s a strong chance that you haven’t. Did you know that there are Pokemon that are exclusive to certain countries and regions? Unless you’ve hopped on a plane and traveled there, your collection is going to have some empty spaces.

But what if you don’t have the cash to go on extravagant holidays around the world to capture Pokemon? What if you get there and you can’t track it down before your flight home?

Thankfully, there is an easier way to collect Pokemon without having to step foot on foreign soil. If you want to catch them all, then you’ll want to follow this simple hack to trick your phone into thinking you’re overseas collecting rare and exclusive Pokemon.

How to Get Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO was first released to the world in 2016 where it became an instant sensation. People around the globe rushed from location to location to try and catch Pokemon before they disappeared. By the end of the first year, the game had been downloaded over 500 million times worldwide.

But like many games, the fanbase started to dwindle after players filled out their collection and started catching the same characters over and over again. Eventually, the developers began releasing new generations of Pokemon for players to collect as well as additional regional exclusives.

If you happened to uninstall Pokemon GO, there’s no cause for alarm. Your collection might be a little dusty, but it still remains intact. You’ll just need to download the game again to start collecting the next generation of Pokemon.

How to Download Pokemon GO on Android Devices

After Pokemon GO’s success, a number of fake clones started popping up on the Google Play store. Here’s how to get the official app.

–      Open the Google Play Store

–      In the search bar at the top, type in Pokemon GO

–      Download/Install the app from Niantic, Inc

–      In-app purchases are listed. However, it’s not required to play the game

How to Download Pokemon GO on iOS Devices

The App Store on Apple devices is also no stranger to fake Pokemon apps. Many developers wanted to cash in on the craze and made knock-off versions of the game. Here’s how you make sure you download the right one.

–      Open the App Store

–      Hit the search icon and type in Pokemon GO

–      Download/Install the app from the developer Niantic, Inc

–      In-app purchases are included in the description but are not required to play the game

How to Change Your Location in Pokemon GO

In order to trick Pokemon GO into thinking you’re roaming the streets of another country, you’re going to need three different applications in addition to a copy of the game. Combined, these three programs allow you to change your location on the map to anywhere in the world.

GPS Spoofing App

Getting a Pokemon GO spoofer for Android is relatively easy. There are several apps available, and activating them doesn’t take a lot of effort. Once you’ve chosen one and installed it, head to your Settings. Go to the About Device section and tap on the build number seven times. This will present you with a new tab titled Developer Options.

Select it and look for the “select mock location app,” and tick the box. That’s how to spoof Pokemon GO on any Android device. Sadly for Apple products, it’s a little trickier.

For starters, you’re going to need a jailbroken iPad or iPhone. Next, you’re going to want to download the Protect My Privacy app. Head to the Location section inside the program and select the Protect option. Now you can drop a pin on the map that you want to be your fake location.

Mock Locations Masking Module

Naturally, any good developers quickly caught on to hackers using GPS Spoofing and started banning players who caught regional Pokemon from the comfort of their homes. To avoid this outcome, you’re going to need to install a module named Mock Locations. It helps prevent apps from recognizing that you’re using apps to disguise where you are in the world.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The last app you’ll need to add to your Pokemon GO hacks is a VPN. The game can detect your device’s IP address and match it with your GPS location. If they’re different, the developers may impose a ban on you and take away Pokemon from your collection. However, turning on a VPN will hide this information and route all of your internet traffic through a server from the location of your choice.

How to Play Pokemon GO Without Leaving the House?

Now you’ve got all of your applications, and you know how to spoof Pokemon GO, it’s time to catch them all.

Before you open the game though, you’ll want to make sure that everything is activated. Start by opening up your VPN and selecting the destination you want to “visit.” Next, open the GPS Spoofing App and ensure that the Mock Locations Masking module is activated.

Once all of your network connections are aligned, you can open Pokemon GO and start hunting down creatures.

Where are the Regional Exclusive Pokemon?

As of the beginning of 2021, there are 37 region-exclusive Pokemon available in the game. Here are the locations you need to set your Pokemon GO fake GPS settings in order to add them to your collection.

The Kanto Region

There are four region-exclusive Pokemon that venture from the Kanto region. These creatures were included in the original version of the game. However, they were gradually released to keep players on the hunt.

·     Farfetch’d can be found in the East Asia region (China, Japan, North Korea, Mongolia, South Korea, and Taiwan).

·     Kangashkhan is located in Australia. It’s a normal Pokemon and can be captured relatively easily.

·     Mr. Mime is in Europe. It’s both a psychic and fairy type of Pokemon, meaning it can leave you stunned or shocked and unable to attack.

·     Tauros calls the US home. It’s not particularly hard to catch as it’s a normal Pokemon.

The Johto Region

Pokemon from this region were released in December 2016 and featured babies hatching from eggs. It also introduced two creatures available for specific areas.

·     Heracross is a fighting bug located in Mexico as well as Central and South America. You can set your location to Texas, Florida, or anywhere south of the border.

·     Corsola is a water-based Pokemon that’s very tricky to catch. It is found in the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn regions. You could try selecting places in India (Gujarat, West Bengal, or Tripura states) or choose anywhere in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, or Niger.

The Hoenn Region

This region was originally in the core Pokemon series. It became quite popular with players, which is why there are nine creatures exclusive to various places.

·     Volbeat is a bug and is crawling around Europe, Asia, and Australia.

·     Illumise is another bug, but it can only be located in the Americas region as well as all of Africa.

·     Torkoal is a Pokemon you need to watch out for. It’s a fire creature that can only be captured in India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates.

·     Zangoose won’t cause you a lot of trouble. It’s a normal Pokemon in Australia, Europe, and Asia.

·     Seviper is full of poison and can end up causing you a lot of damage. Check it out in Africa and the American areas.

·     Lunatone is a stunning Pokemon in the shape of a crescent moon. It’s got some psychic abilities and is located anywhere in the Western Hemisphere.

·     Solrock resembles the sun and also contains some psychic tricks. Look out for it in the Eastern Hemisphere.

·     Tropius can be a challenging Pokemon to get your hands on. But it’s worth adding to your collection. Grab it in southern Spain, Levant, Malta, or Africa.

·     If you want Relicanth, you’ll need to head to New Zealand or Fiji to track it down.

The Sinnoh Region

Pokemon from the Sinnoh Region were released in waves, and now most of them are available for capture. This includes the nine that are exclusive to these areas.

·     The shocking Pachirisu might use its electric powers against you if you try to hunt it in the North Arctic countries.

·     The West Sea Shellos is a water-based creature that calls the Western Hemisphere home.

·     The East Sea Shellos is also water-based. Find it in the Eastern Hemisphere.

·     Mime Jr. can only be added to your collection from eggs. However, these must come from Europe.

·     Chatot prefers to fly over the Southern Hemisphere but can be quite tricky to get a hold of.

·     Carnivine can only be located in the South East US. So best to choose a state like Louisiana or Georgia to find this one.

·     Uxie is a little easier to catch. Grab it in the Asia Pacific Region.

·     Mesprit can be tracked down in Europe, Africa, India, and the Middle East.

·     Azelf is a psychic Pokemon that can be trapped in the Americas and Greenland.

The Unova Region

Pokemon located in the Unova region are still slowly getting released. More are scheduled to enter the wild, but you can find these location-exclusive creatures right now.

·     Pansage can be found lurking in the grass in the Asia-Pacific region.

·     The fire Pokemon Pansear is a tough one to capture but easy to find in India, Africa, Middle East, and Europe.

·     Panpour likes to hang out near water as well as locations in Greenland and the Americas.

·     Throh will put up a fight before getting added to your collection. Find it in the Americas and Africa.

·     Sawk is another Pokemon who’s begging for a battle. Grab it in Australia, Europe, and Asia.

·     The Red-Stripped Basculin can be captured in the Eastern Hemisphere.

·     If you want the Blue-Stripped Basculin, you’ll need to head to the Western Hemisphere.

·     Maractus is found in grassy areas in the Southern States of the US, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America locales.

·     Sigilyph is a stunning Pokemon that is only located in Greece and Egypt.

·     The mighty Bouffalant is a bull-like creature that’s wandering around New York City.

·     Heatmor likes it hot, which is why you’ll only find it in Europe, Australia, and Asia.

·     Durant is cold-blooded and can be tracked down in Africa and the Americas.

The Kalos Region

The latest Pokemon is still in the process of being released to the public. However, you can find one exclusive creature right now.

·     Klefki might be the sole Pokemon from this region but can be easily captured in France.

What is the Best VPN to Use for Pokemon GO?

The world is overrun with Pokemon that in order to catch them all, you’re going to need to make some changes to your phone. A Pokemon GO fake GPS setup will allow you to travel the globe without leaving your favorite chair.

But to visit every corner of the globe, you’re going to need a VPN that has servers located in countries where these Pokemon are hiding.