12 Best Free Discord Voice Changer Software in 2021

If you’re a gamer, you’ve no doubt heard of Discord. But did you know that you can change your voice on the popular chat platform?

There are plenty of reasons to use a voice changer on Discord. Firstly, it is hilarious. Playing some rounds on Fortnite while autotuning your voice or sounding like the Devil as you roam dungeons in Hades can make for a lot of fun with other members of your party.

But installing a voice changer to use in real-time also protects your anonymity. While this is great if you’re the imposter in Among Us, it also keeps you safe in the real world to avoid harassment from other gamers or trolls.

So what is the best voice changing software for Discord? You could pay for a professional option that can disguise your voice in multiple crazy ways, or you could choose one of these software options that won’t cost you a single cent.

What to Look for in Voice Changing Software

A quick Google search will return dozens of options for voice changer software, but how do you decide what the right one is for you?

The best voice changer should come with a large selection of voice effects that you can easily switch between. It should be a seamless transition and in real-time too. You don’t want your voice changer software to drop out while you’re selecting your next effect.

Besides being easy to use, it also needs to be simple to install and integrate with Discord. You don’t want to have to be playing around with settings or figuring out workarounds to disguise your voice.

Lastly, it shouldn’t eat up your bandwidth or CPU power. You want to be utilizing these components on your game and connection, not on your voice changer software. If you find the performance begins to suffer, then switch to another voice program.

The Best Free Voice Changing Software

There’s no need to grab your credit card information or log in to your PayPal account. These voice changing software options are completely free, easy to use, and work in real-time so that you can remain anonymous and have a good belly laugh while you’re gaming with friends or strangers.

1.    Voicemod

This voice changer program is not only a great piece of software for Windows but also for Discord, Skype, Twitch, and other streaming platforms. It comes packed with a long list of voice effects for you to play around with that all work in real-time.

Want your voice to sound like you’ve just inhaled some helium? You can change your voice with one click. How about an effect where your voice resembles a robot? It’s possible to switch to this in real-time and mess with the other players in the lobby.

The moment you install Voicemod, it automatically adds the free voice changer to your microphone input device setting in Discord. There are even options built-in for games like League of Legends and Fortnite for you to play around with.

2.    Clownfish

One of the best voice changer software options available, not just for Discord, is Clownfish. Even when you’re not gaming, you can use it on Skype or Zoom if you want to disguise your voice. The Clownfish voice changer runs silently in the background and is capable of manipulating any sounds that come through the microphone.

It’s simple to set up and easy to use, plus it works with every version of Windows currently available. The Clownfish voice changer even converts text into speech and can control how much of the background music comes through the microphone.

If you’re brand new to voice changing software, then it’s hard to look past this option, especially as it’s completely free.

3.    MorphVox

One of the best supported voice changers on this list is MorphVox. It seems to be continually evolving and adding additional features on a regular basis. It’s even capable of mimicking your voice so that it can provide you with the best sound effects catered to your style.

It also contains a lot of interesting options for background noise. You can add your own music or throw in sound effects to lighten the mood. These can all be easily assigned to hotkeys so that you don’t waste time looking for the perfect one in a list.

Are you after a voice changing software that’s all about having fun? Then MorphVox can deliver. Plus, there are even more sound effects getting added regularly to keep you laughing and enjoying your online games even more.

4.    VoiceMeeter

If you’re an experienced audio engineer, then you’ll find that this is the best voice changer software for you. Instead of choosing from a series of voice effects, you can create your own that’s personalized to your style.

Changing your voice in this application isn’t easy though. You need to have some pre-existing knowledge of mixing audio or an understanding of all of the options available to alter your voice. If you don’t, then you’ll want to try another voice changer.

VoiceMeeter is incredibly complex, but it’s also extremely fast and available for multiple interfaces such as DX and ASIO. It’s also free to use.

5.    Voxal Voice Changer

Whether it’s for playing online games or recording a podcast, the Voxal Voice Changer is able to modify your device on almost every platform that requires you to speak into a microphone.

You can change your voice in real-time to sound like a member of the opposite sex or alter it to resemble a supernatural being. Switching between voice effects can be completed in real-time and doesn’t require you to jump out of the chat to make changes.

You also don’t need to make any modifications to the Voxal Voice Changer to switch between programs. It works seamlessly and allows you to access all of the voice changing options in the same way, so you don’t need to learn different techniques for individual programs.

6.    Voice Changer with Effects

What if you use Discord on your Android phone? Thankfully there is a real-time voice changer app to help modify your speech on your device.

There are several voice effects available, and you can even import pre-recorded speech clips to make alterations. The audio quality isn’t to the same level as it is in other voice changers, but it’s still able to disguise it competently.

The app is supported by multiple voice chat applications on your Android device and includes the option to share your different sounds online via social platforms. It’s ideal if you use your phone for voice chats while playing online games via your console or PC.

7.    Voice Changer and Voice Editor

Even though there are a ton of ads that come with this free voice changer app, there’s a lot to like about it. It provides you with 20 sound effects to be used as you see fit, but you can also alter the pitch of your voice or slow it down via some easy menu options.

If you record your voice, you can also make adjustments to the clip. There are options to insert funny sounds or reduce the background noise if you’re recording outdoors.

The voice quality is limited in the free version of the app, but you can upgrade to the premium option to get better quality audio and remove the ads. But the free voice changer option is enough for Discord and other chat apps.

8.    Voice Changer

There’s no need to guess what the Voice Changer app does. Like its name, it keeps everything in the program simple by providing you three functional options. You can use it to read text, alter pre-recorded clips, or change your voice in real-time via a microphone.

Jump into a lobby sounding like a popular cartoon character or a blockbuster movie star from the 80s. There are plenty of voice changing features to play around with to make your online chat a little more interesting.

It might not have a flashy name, but Voice Changer provides plenty of entertaining features to protect your anonymity and have a laugh at the same time.

9.    Discord Voice Changer

If you’re looking for a voice changing application that doesn’t take itself too seriously, then you’ve come to the right place. A quick glance at all of the audio effects that are available is enough to make you giggle. But you’ll howl with laughter when you modify your voice.

There are plenty of generic voice effects to select, but some of the best ones allow you to sound like Yoda from Star Wars or the half-man, half-machine, Robo-Cop. The sound quality is fantastic that your friends will do a double-take when they hear your altered voice for the first time.

While you’ll no doubt get some anonymity by using this voice changer, the purpose of this app is to have fun with it. So much like the app, don’t take it too seriously.

10. SuperVoiceChanger

You might think that the SuperVoiceChanger will eat up CPU power and bandwidth because of all the options it has available. However, you’d be mistaken. Your PC will barely notice it, which is precisely what you want with voice changing software.

There are a ton of different effects available that you can add to profiles if you plan on using the program across multiple platforms. You can also use the quick start feature to change your voice immediately before you enter the lobby.

If you get stuck, you’re on your own. There’s no help or support section that guides you on to how to use the voice changing app. So just keep hitting buttons until it starts working for you.

11. MasqVox

You get the best of both worlds with the MasqVox voice changer. It lets you choose from a long list of sound effects ranging from popular celebrities to infamous cartoon characters. Plus, more seem to get added regularly if you’re constantly looking for a fresh voice.

However, if you’re searching for something a little more unique, then you can make alterations yourself. You can change the pitch of the voice to make it either resemble a squeaky sounding teen or go as deep as a baritone singer.

It runs quickly on your system no matter what version of Windows you’re running. MasqVox also runs on Skype if you need a real-time voice changer for that chat program as well.

12. All-In-One Voice Changer

Whether you need to record your voice or change it while you’re playing games with friends online, the All-In-One Voice Changer can make you seem like a completely different person or creature.

There are plenty of different options for male and female style voices. But you can also alter it to sound like multiple fictional characters too. If it doesn’t seem quite right, then you’re able to change the pitch of your voice, so it sounds a little more natural. Even if you’ve selected the robot voice option.

There are not a lot of voice changers that allow you to manipulate the effects in the one program. That’s why this is one of the best applications around when you need your voice to remain anonymous.

How to Remain Anonymous Without a Voice Changer

You don’t need to make up a reason for changing your voice online with friends or strangers. A different voice can be hilarious to listen to when you’re enjoying an online game while chatting on Discord or if you don’t want other players to know who you are.

There are plenty of voice changing applications available that range from simple and easy to use, all the way to programs that let you make as many modifications as you want. Some even allow your voice to resemble other humans, creatures, and fictional characters from TV shows and movies.

While a voice changer will help protect your anonymity, the best tool to hide yourself online is a VPN. There are virtual private networks that can disguise every bit of personal information about you, and there are others that only conceal specific components. Don’t run the risk of picking the wrong one. Instead, go to VPN Testing to find the right one for you and the games you play.