Best Fake Email Generators: 15 Top Picks to Protect Your Personal Email

Do you want to sign up for a service but don’t want to hand over your real email address?

Perhaps you’re not entirely confident the business is trustworthy or that your information might get sent off to advertising partners. Maybe you just hate getting spammed with emails trying to pressure you to spend more money with the company.

Whatever the reason may be, a fake email generator is one of the best solutions to get around handing over your personal or work address. Not only can you remain anonymous, but you can reply and forward correspondence without disclosing anything about yourself.

If you want to protect your identity and avoid your inbox filling with junk promotions, then give these fake email generators a try.

The Best Fake Email Generators

The best fake email address generators only last for a limited amount of time. It gives you enough time to sign up and verify the email address. Then it will disappear forever. Here are the best ones currently available for you in 2021.

1.    10Minutemail

These days when you sign up for a service, you’ll receive an email verification within seconds of hitting the submit button. So you should only need a fake email address for ten minutes at most, which makes this provider perfect. If you need it for a little longer, then you are able to hold on to it before it gets permanently deleted from their servers.

2.    Guerillamail

It was one of the first fake email generators on the internet, and it’s still operating today. Having generated billions of temporary email addresses, you know you can rely on this provider to keep you anonymous. They’ll hold on to emails for an hour, and you can even send files up to 150 MB if you need to submit verification documents securely.

3.    Temp Mail

This provider is one of the few fake email generators that have an app on Android and iOS. It’s also available in multiple languages, and you can share the temporary email address with a QR code. Temp Mail even features one of the more modern-looking inboxes that rivals Gmail and Outlook.

4.    Email on Deck

If you’re looking for a fake email generator that is bitcoin and cryptocurrency-friendly, then Email on Deck is the right one for you. Its system is constantly deleting temporary email addresses, so you don’t need to have a second thought of anything lingering on the server. The team even takes the extra step by blocking any type of spam from hitting your inbox.

5.    Fake Mail Generator

There’s no mistaking what this fake email provider does. The website makes the process simple by offering you a fake email address that is instantly activated. You can also choose to go with a generic temporary email address or one that’s specific to a country. It’s deactivated once you stop using it within 24 hours, so make sure you log out to ensure it’s removed from their servers.

6.    Throwaway Mail

Have you got a lot of services that you want to sign up for? You might be best to use a fake email generator that keeps your inbox active for a couple of days, which is precisely what Throwaway Mail does. You don’t get a lot of options with the type of fake email address that gets generated, but this ensures that no one else ends up with the same one as you to ensure you remain completely anonymous.

7.    Mailinator

Another reason why people need a fake email address is to test business infrastructures. Mailinator specializes in this type of scenario. It can provide a fake email address for you to send messages to and see what your customers will experience when they sign up via your website, correspond with your business, and respond to do not reply addresses.

8.    YOPmail

The last thing you want to have to remember is another password for a website. Thankfully, YOPmail doesn’t require you to create one to access your fake email account. You’ll even get to keep it for eight days before it’s removed from the system. There’s also an option to add an extension to Edge, Opera, and Firefox if you plan on using this fake email provider more than once.

9.    Trash-Mail

While its name might sound like you’re going to get inundated with spam, this fake email address generator does everything possible to protect you from it. You can filter what mail you receive by using their CAPTCHA system and forward unlimited emails to your personal account if you want to read them later.

10. MailCatch

If you prefer to choose the name of your fake email address, then you can with this generator. MailCatch allows you to pick a username up to 25 characters in length and will enable you to use it as many times as you want. There are some premium options available for this fake email generator too. Paying a little extra will get you email forwarding and a private host, which adds a little extra security for you.

11. Getnada

Want a one-stop-shop for all of your fake email addresses? Getnada lets you create multiple fake emails using different extensions and puts them all in the one inbox for you. No need to continually hit the refresh button to see if you’ve received an email either. New messages will automatically appear when they arrive. If you’re on the go, then there’s also an app for Android users.

12. MintEmail

The only step you need to take to generate a fake email with this provider is to visit their website. There’s no verification process, and you can access incoming messages without having to log in to a portal. If you need to keep any emails, you can forward them to your personal inbox easily. After an hour, it will get deleted, and you’ll generate a new fake email address when you return to the website.

13. OwlyMail

If you get attached to your fake email addresses, then OwlyMail will allow you to keep it forever. This platform is perfect not just for verifying email addresses for services you sign up for but also for testing business systems and trialing email correspondence. If you want to see what your email looks like in a customer inbox, then this is the fake email generator for you.

14. Moakt

You only have one hour to spend with Moakt’s fake email generator, but they provide a lot of options for you to utilize during that time period. You can create a fake email address from a list of multiple domain names and then send and receive as many messages as you need to your inbox. All emails are sent securely and are instantly removed when the account is deleted at the sixty-minute mark.

15. LuxusMail

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to get assigned a fake email address or create your own, LuxusMail has got you covered. There’s even an option to reuse the same fake email address over and over again if you need to. The provider also allows you to customize your username if you prefer to use the same temporary email address but need it sent by a different moniker.

How to Remain Anonymous Online

There are several reasons why you should consider a fake email address. It provides you complete anonymity when signing up for services. You are also guaranteed not to have your personal information forwarded to marketing companies. Plus, you’re not going to get spammed with offers and upsell promotions from the business you’ve signed up with.

In addition to utilizing a fake email generator to remain anonymous, you should also have your virtual private network activated. Much like fake email providers, not all VPN’s work the same way. So it’s essential to test it thoroughly through VPN Testing to ensure your bandwidth isn’t affected and your personal information is completely hidden.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to generate a fake email to test your VPN.