12 Best Free Registry Cleaners for Windows 10

Is your laptop running a little slower than usual?

You might think it’s the hardware itself, or maybe you’ve got too many programs installed on the hard drive. Now you have to question whether you can live with the speeds or are you best to start shopping around for an upgrade.

Another option is to use a registry cleaner to get your laptop back to running at its best. It can help free up some space, delete files no longer required, and remove any malware hiding on your hard drive.

So what’s the best free registry cleaner for Windows 10? There are plenty of options available, but do they all perform the same tasks? No need to read through all the inclusions and exclusions. Just pick one of the hand-picked registry cleaners from the list below.

What is a Registry Cleaner?

Your Windows registry stores everything from the settings of your applications to preferences for your stores. It even hosts all of the information around the operating system.

While it manages to update itself with ease, Windows is terrible at keeping itself organized and getting rid of items it no longer needs. For example, if you remove an application, the registry holds on to specific information in the instance you ever decide to install it again.

A registry cleaner will assess all of these unnecessary files and scan through the rest of the database so that only the essential items remain. The result of this audit is that your system will run faster, and you’ll have more space on your hard drive.

12 Best Free Windows 10 Registry Cleaners

Not every registry cleaner will provide a deep cleanse of your Windows 10 operating system. Some may delete files and information without your permission, and others make you confirm the removal of files that you had no idea even existed. These free registry cleaners for Windows 10 strike the perfect balance, so your device can get back to performing at its best.

1.    Iolo System Mechanic

Not only does this free Windows registry cleaner promise to provide you with a faster start-up time, but it also claims it can increase your download speed by up to 39%. In addition to these statistics, the Iolo System Mechanic can defrag your hard drive and memory as well as resolve freezes, errors, and crashes.

2.    IObit Advanced SystemCare

The only downside of this free registry cleaner is that it won’t delete folders that contain admin access. While it’s a good safety measure not to lose anything important, most often, these folders are nothing but remnants of programs that are no longer on your Windows 10 device. Other than this flaw, it will resolve structural errors that exist on your system, monitor background applications and processes to ensure they’re necessary, and backup critical files just in case something unforeseen happens to them.

3.    Wise Care 365

Why should you have to remember to run your registry cleaner? Wise Care 365 hears you. That’s why it features a scan scheduler so that you will never forget to run a probe of your system to ensure it’s working the best that it can. Just be careful that it doesn’t add anything to your hard drive though. It is a part of a suite of products, and you might not need everything they have on offer.

4.    Restoro

This registry cleaner not only performs a thorough software analysis it will also check that your hardware is working as it should too. If there are any missing critical files to run Windows 10, Restoro can track them down for you and replace them. It also doesn’t just remove viruses. It repairs any damage that it’s done as well. You can also set the registry cleaner to monitor everything in real-time, so you don’t get any surprises when running the scanning process.

5.    CCleaner

Not many people haven’t heard of CCleaner. It’s specifically designed for anyone who doesn’t have a clue what a registry cleaner does or what you’re supposed to do with the results from a scan. It does try to upsell you on the rest of the products it offers, but you can avoid installing these easily. CCleaner might not have all of the features as some of the other advanced registry cleaners, but if you’re not tech-savvy, then you don’t really need it.

6.    JetClean

The JetClean registry cleaner tries to take all of the monotonous tasks off your hands. There’s a one-click repair button to fix everything it discovers is wrong. You can also set it so that once everything is fixed that Windows 10 will shut down automatically. It even has an uninstaller program built-in so that when you want to remove an application that it does the job right. There are plenty of other features included that will make your life easier so you’re not spending all your time in the registry cleaner.

7.    Ashampoo Registry Cleaner

If you just need a free Windows registry cleaner to get rid of your obsolete files, then this one is for you. Ashampoo will rummage through your files that are no longer needed and get rid of them instantly. If you have any concerns about removing anything, you don’t need to worry. This registry cleaner also backs up everything so that if anything critical is lost, you can restore it, so you don’t have to log into Windows 10 in safe mode.

8.    SysTweak RegClean Pro

Do you have a Windows 10 device that features multiple users? Then this registry cleaner might be the best option to help keep everyone’s systems running smoothly. It can recognize what registry files are for which user and only remove files and programs that no one ever uses. You don’t need to create a roster system to determine who cleans the registry either. It comes with a scheduler that you can set for daily, weekly, or monthly, so no one has to remember to clean up after themselves.

9.    Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Many have called this free Windows registry cleaner one of the best around. The tool doesn’t just find system issues and hardware problems. It will report back to you with a color system to let you know if you should start worrying or keep an eye on some certain files. Auslogics also comes with automatic backup options and a real-time monitor. It may try to install other programs with the registry cleaner, but you can ignore them easily.

10. Registry Life

One of Registry Life’s best features is that it can monitor the programs and applications that automatically start once Windows 10 boots up. You might have noticed that your operating system will begin to work quickly and then slowly degrade as more programs open up. This free Windows registry cleaner will monitor these applications and then let you know whether it’s essential for them to open or if they can remain closed until you need them.

11. WinUtilities

What if you don’t need a registry cleaner to investigate every single file on your hard drive? Maybe you just need it to review certain places. That’s what WinUtilities can do. You choose where you want to scan and what point in time you’d like to restore your operating system if it ever comes to that. In addition to a free registry cleaner, you’ll also get a RAM optimizer that will help speed up Windows 10 and get it working quickly.

12. AVG TuneUp

Developed by the security software vendor of the same name, this Windows registry cleaner will permanently delete files, remove unwanted software, and repair all of the errors it can find. It even goes through your internet software to clear your browsing history, cookies, and anything else that will improve your network connection. The best part is, you don’t need to have your Windows 10 device turned on to have AVG TuneUp working. It will automatically run during sleep mode. So you can schedule a registry clean to occur while you’re out for the night.

How to Protect Your Windows 10 Device

A Windows registry cleaner can not only help remove junk files, fix errors, and sanitize your hard drive, but it can also improve your internet connection, speed up your computer, and ensure your hardware is performing at its best. Whenever you feel your laptop or Windows 10 device acting sluggish, you should run the registry cleaner first before you start shopping around for a replacement.

Thankfully, most free Windows registry cleaners come with an automatic scheduler so that you don’t need to set a reminder to repair your operating system. It also comes with several other features that can make routine maintenance less of a chore. You can even have it running in the background so your Windows 10 device never degrades to the point you should start worrying about its remaining lifespan.

Another essential piece of software for your device is a VPN. A virtual private network helps protect your personal information while you’re online and hides your browsing history from your internet service provider. Much like Windows registry cleaners, not all VPN’s work the same way. Some don’t hide all of your details, and others may impact your bandwidth.

Before you start your search for a virtual private network, do your research. Get the right one for your situation and that you’re not going to have to continually clean your device after browsing the internet.