How to Use VPN: 98+ Ways


You might already know the basics of what a VPN does, masking your IP and letting you surf the World Wide Web with a mask to rival Michael Myers. However, that is barely scratching the surface of what a VPN can do.

Here is an exhaustive list of fun things you can do armed with a strong VPN:

1. Avoid Bandwidth Throttling

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, your ISP can’t throttle what their eyes can’t see. Masking your IP protocol prevents your service provider from slapping on training wheels on your internet speeds

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2. Enjoy International Discounts From Your Couch

Is there a company off ring cheaper subscriptions in Europe, or Down Under in Australia? Well, simply switch your IP location and voila! Now you are eligible for this offer.

3. Fight Unfair Retail Pricing

Resist discriminatory item pricing based on your geographical location—find the juicy, ‘privileged’ areas, and become an honorary resident with your VPN.

4. Game All Night Long

Don’t be the guy or girl or costs their team a high stakes multiplayer game with a lagging network. A VPN gives you the license to thrill, steal, and kill… with your console.

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5. Enjoy The Very Best of British Programming

Top Gear, Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, all exquisite shows which have been cruelly location restricted by their airing networks. But this lock is decorative; switch to a location in the United Kingdom and you’re in.

6. Netflix and Fly

In-flight entertainment sucks, that’s just facts. Netflix is blocked more often than not, leaving you with drab shows. Using a VPN you can break through the airline-imposed restrictions and enjoy your favorite shows through your tenuous flight.

7. Endless Online Freebies

Imagine getting a free, ‘one-time-only’ promo code every time you visit a website. With a VPN, every time you get on a site, you are essentially a new, unique visitor, leaving your splattered in welcome offers and discounts.

8. Be Home, All Day, Through Spring Break

Planning a trip you don’t need your employers or folks to know about? When abroad, set your VPN to your home location, and engage in normal online interaction, from the comfort of your home couch in Ibiza.

9. Fight The Man

Stage your own mini-revolution in your office. Breakthrough the bandwidth throttling and website censoring the dictators you call your upper management have imposed. Get on Twitter during work hours and moan about an untenable workplace environment.

10. Play Online Poker, Like Civilized Folks

We would never advise you to break the law, but theoretically VPN lets you play online poker for real cash under a pretty thick umbrella of anonymity. (Be sure to follow the local law)

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11. Overcome Trolls on Call of Duty

Don’t get doxxed by Chad the sore loser, who still lives with his parents at 41, and does not understand how strafing works on Call of Duty. Keep kicking asses and taking names without running the risk of swatting by internet trolls.

12. Be a Whistleblower With Peace of Mind

Never snitch, unless when you need to snitch. Report illegal practices, bigotry, and that waiter who spat into the sauce, all without the fear of getting tracked down by vengeful forces.

13. All Skype Calls are Local Now

Liberal adjustments of your IP addresses, depending on the location of your intended recipient, essentially allow all your Skype calls to be local calls. You never need to spend huge bucks on calling New Zealand again.

14. Join The Elite Google ‘Beta-Testers’

Google releases a bunch of new products yearly, and they roll out exclusively to select regions, leaving another thirsting for a taste of new, revolutionary tech. Using a VPN, you can become a part of Google’s early bird testers.

15. Unblock Hulu

Stream content blocked in your country by virtually naturalizing yourself into citizens with a VPN. Never miss out on your favorite TV shows again.

16. Stream On The Go

Wherever you are, whatever time, and no matter what restrictions your overlords might have put in place, a VPN is your All-Stage Pass. A Swiss army knife that cuts through restrictions like butter, never leave home without it.

17. Keep Up With The NBA

High-flying super athletes, long-distance snipers, and thunderous rejections at the rim—now imagine being locked out from the greatest show on Earth. Watch NBA games on the go, no matter where you are on the globe.

18. Follow Your Patriots Across The Globe

Unblock access to your Sunday and Monday Night Football wherever you are, on whatever ISP you are, and enjoy your touchdowns, sacks, and stiff arms with no restrictions.

19. Hide Your Goods

Sharing confidential documents over a public network, or have sensitive documents stored on your device? Mask your IP address from sneaky little friends trying to break into your virtual vaults.

20. Anonymous Commentary

Ever wanted to make an honest review, or comment on an issue without having internet trolls track your comment to your front door? Well, use a VPN next time.

21. Save Yourself From Weird Ads

The last thing you want after a night of surfing those great websites rated 18 is a plethora of ads offering you a chance to get ineffective pumps of varying functions.

22. Do Your Ninja Research

Need to research your competitors without leaving breadcrumbs back to your doors, a VPN renders your faceless while you do your recon.

23. Take Your Name Off The Blacklist

Did you accidentally stumble onto a website’s black books, or have been placed on probation for your, hopefully, legal actions? A VPN makes a mockery of such virtual padlocks in an instant.

24. Share Your Photos From China

Vacationing in the imperial state and need to share fun pictures with your loved ones? A VPN makes China’s Facebook ban little more than a mere suggestion.

25. Reddit in China

Again, the world’s foremost (or second foremost, behind the hacker named 4chan) source of a meme can be accessed when in the beautiful country of China.

26. Download and Share on Usenet

Avoid ISP restrictions when sharing or downloading content from this gargantuan peer-sharing platform.

27. Coffee Shop Wi-Fi–Paul Blart

While your local coffee shop might have good intentions installing free Wi-Fi, roaming scammers won’t think twice before swiping your credit card details. A VPN lets you connect to the “FreeCoffeeWifi” with peace of mind, without losing security in public wifi.

28. Evade Website Trackers

What’s more annoying than been bombarded with ads on a website? Yes, been bombarded by the same sites of the website. Lay a false trail for website scripts and trackers to follow.

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29. Casually Troll Hackers

The internet is a funny place. The internet can also be a jungle, where a slight spelling error triggers a full-on cyber assault. A VPN gives hackers just a little bit more work than they generally prefer.

30. Transform Your Workplace Into Fort Knox

Protect proprietary information and confidential documents on your office servers from those who’d want to see them.

31. View Foreign Versions of Your Favorite Websites

Getting bored with local, repetitive content? Globetrot on your favorite websites by adopting a foreign IP for the moment.

32. Get Resident Prices Before Vacationing

Companies abroad pick on incoming tourists looking to make reservations in advance to jack up prices. Become just another average Joe when shopping for deals online, rather than a mark for absurd profit margins.

33. Book Cheaper Flights

Scam through multiple source locations before deciding where to purchase your expensive flight tickets from. Choose between absurd prices and relatively discounted prices based on geolocation, save money with VPN.

34. Access More Netflix Content

The sheer amount of content geolocation locked on Netflix is ridiculous. Search your favorite action star using US, Canadian, and UK servers for starters.

35. Reset Counters on Websites

You have exhausted your 5 free monthly reads, insert your SSN for a yearly subscription package at $99.99.

36. Access Local Versions Abroad

Hate the foreign slant on your favorite news website, or maybe you’re homesick and need to catch up with your local leagues; a VPN brings you back home.

37. Join and Log in on Websites Anonymously

Avoid handing websites, especially shady looking one your home address when you register or subsequently log in.

38. Purchase Geo-restricted Content

Bypass the annoying, “This app/song/video is not available in your region”. Spread your wings and enjoy that sweet, foreign content.

39. Get Regional Discounts

Ever figured out why Canadians have a reputation for being so cheerful and polite? Neither do we. But you can definitely enjoy Canadian discounts from your home on the west coast.

40. Do Your Banking At A Frat Party

Need to make a life or death transfer, and the only network you have is sketchy and untrustworthy, a VPN provides a pretty solid firewall to protect your confidential details.

41. Torrent Clandestinely

Imagine if you could torrent without fear of bandwidth throttling. Imagine that. (Never download pirated material though, authors deserve the credit)

42. Secure Your Home Network

Installing a VPN on your home router keeps your family protected from unscrupulous elements looking to mess with your installations and devices.

43. Access Trial Limited Websites

There are many great websites out there that place some sort of limitations on how much access you get. With a VPN, every time you get on such a site you are a new being.

44. Extra Layer of Facelessness To Blockchain

While cryptocurrency negotiations can be pretty private, adding a VPN to the equation further increases the layers of protection you are behind.


45. Play Pokemon On The Go

Combine the right VPN and a functional GPS spoofing app, and you can definitely catch ‘em all, no matter where you are in the world. Don’t let something as flimsy as your actual location gets in the way.

46. Improve Your PlayStation Experience

Cut down lagging and play on foreign servers to challenge trash talkers

47. Get Your Apple TV Blazing

Connecting your Apple TV to a VPN unlocks blocked and exclusive content like a hot knife through butter.

48. Stop Google From Keeping A Bulky File on You

They already do, but do not share even more personal information with the big brother of the 21st century.

49. Access YouTube in China

Share and watch funny cat and baby videos even behind the great, insurmountable wall of China.

50. Purchase Music Before International Launch

Can’t wait an extra week to purchase your favorite artist’s new content? Change your location to where you can enjoy that beautiful music instantly then.

51. Read Marvel Comics Blocked In Certain Regions

Keep up with the World’s Greatest Heroes anywhere you are in that world. Dive into both classic and newer stories.

52. Submit Multiple Contest Entries

Having stupid restrictions like having only one person per home eligible for a contest is stupid. With simple tweaks and PMB, you can get as many entries in as you want.

53. Have Multiple Fiverr Users At Home

Perhaps the biggest freelance website in the world, there are dangers to having more than one user sharing the same network. A VPN lets you and friends and family sell your expertise without being blacklisted.

54. OneEntry/user/accountPerHousehold

Do not let one person’s happiness get ahead of yours, or what’s the saying?

55. Be a P.I in Peace

Amateur or full-on pro, do your sleuthing without leaving a trail back to your office, or your basement.

56. Control What Kids Do At Home

Keep a lead on what your kids get up to on the home network. Configure parental controls and limits on what they have access to.

57. See Google Location-specific Doodles

Check out what Google delight users across the world with on its search pages.

58. View Own Website Without AdSense Trap

Don’t fall into the danger of accidentally clicking your own ads when looking over your website or blog. Surf through your own content without fear if ruining your income.

59. Avoid Press Imposed Censorship

Blocked on conservative, centrist, or liberal websites for your opinions; get right back in to share your level-headed opinions.

60. Stop Amazon Ads Ruining Your Shopping Activity

Imagine Amazon spoiling Christmas or birthday presents you’ve been looking at for weeks, would you be able to live with yourself?

61. And Keep Your ‘Special’ Shopping Separate

We don’t judge, and we certainly do not want retailers to keep throwing evidence from your late-night binge in your face every other slide.

62. Choose A Side; Bey or Taylor, Without Online Backlash

Popstar beefs on the internet can get crazy. You do not want the extremist members of the Beyhiveor Swift’s army sending glitter to your home address.

63. Watch Exclusive Content

Exclusive to UK/US/Canadian subscribers…or not. Be liberal when switching through locations on your VPN to see what lies hidden from you.

64. Find Your Artistic Doppelganger

Google’s Art and Culture app is pretty sweet; find historic paintings that look just like you. The only problem is, the app is available only in the US—unless you use a VPN.

65. Research The Church of Scientology Without Having Weird Looks

Have a school essay due, or just feeling curious at work, search whatever you want without having to be overly cautious.

66. Enter Region-Locked Contests

Don’t be restricted by lame geographical blocks when contesting on the internet. A VPN lets you throw your hat in the ring to win amazing prices.

67. Change Your Instagram Location

Need to play a prank or need it for practical reasons? Switch your IG location at will with a VPN.

68. Cheaper Hotel Prices During Vacations

One of the sleaziest industry tricks is charging hotel prices depending on where your IP is located in the United States. Rotate through VPN locations and compare deals to save costs.

69. Avoid Getting Flagged In a Full House

There’s nothing worse than having to be punished for the missteps of someone who happens to share the same IP address with you. Get on a private network and keep your business separate from that.

70. Avoid Ruining Things For A Full House

Inversely, don’t be the one who ruins things for others.

71. Run A Truly Private Blog

Share your thoughts and get stuff off your mind on a blog or journal that is truly anonymous.

72. Avoid Pattern Monitoring

Your browsing patterns are what ISPs use to determine your speeds and even subscription packages. A VPN obfuscates what your service providers see. Jakubiak

73. Access Private Emails at Work

While some business owners want you to keep your personal business off company time, this can be a little restrictive.

74. Keep YouTube On in Banned Places

Some places keep their citizens on a short leash, depriving them of access to all of the brilliant content on YouTube. If you’re stuck in one of these places a VPN is your best friend.

75. Evade Tapped VoIP Calls in The West

You thought Skype calls were secure? Well, they are prime real estate for miscreants alike to eavesdrop on, without using a VPN.

76. Rate Your Bosses With No Fear

While says your reviews are anonymous, rate your employees honestly without the threat of retribution with a VPN.

77. Rate Your Professors Too

Is that professor full of crap, or maybe his farts do smell like rainbows; say your mind anonymously by using a VPN service.

78. Keep Your Messages Private

Avoid hackers and anyone else from laughing at your corny private messages. Keep confidential details of your private and business life protected from eavesdropping.

79. Cheaper Deals on Rental Cars

Make sure to compare deals available in different locations before renting out a car for a road trip.

80. Use Your Credit Card Overseas

Avoid having your credit card blocked for using it outside of the country. Change your IP address to your home country and carry it in with your transactions.

81. Let Others Use Your PC

Set up a VPN before handing out your PC or WiFi password to friends and family, to prevent their activity from affecting your preferred settings.

82. Keep Your Home page Neutral

Don’t let your Facebook or YouTube home page be flooded by ridiculous ads; a VPN keeps your internet activity as bare ones as possible (at least to these companies).

83. Avoid Giving Google Even More Info

They have your SSN and the name of your unborn child already, keep your activity away from ABC industries.

84. Tweet When Censorship Keeps In

Don’t stop tweeting, even when oppressive regimes politely request you do.

85. Start Your Own Revolution

As a sign of times, remember that the Arab Spring was fueled by social media activism despite attempts to curtail the same. This is what a VPN can do for you.

86. Access More Content With Your Firestick/Roku

Theoretically, you could access even more content with your Roku and Fire Stick by using a VPN to connect to the internet.

87. Watch Good Movies On Flights

Imagine getting stuck on a flight with only airline-approved movies in hand. A VPN breaks through a restrictive firewall and lets you keep yourself entertained through long flights.

88. Access Geo-restricted iTunes Content

Apps, movies, music, get only the best content on this platform without being dragged down by country or regional restrictions.

89. Keep Your Activity Away From Your ISP

Your ISP needs any excuse to cut down your bandwidth, do not give them an excuse to slow you down to Stone Age speeds.

90. Enter More Than One Person in Writing Contests

For the creatively inclined, paying contests are sometimes restricted to one entrant per household or IP address. Use a VPN and keep the creative juices flowing and profitable.

91. Avoid Heart-Stopping Cease and Desists

Remember the Dallas Buyers Club honeypot sting — used to trap unwitting torrent users? Well, those who lived through that probably wished they used a VPN back then. All those legal fees.

92. Save Money On Apple Music

Get cheaper subscription packages on Apple’s streaming service; get yourself a discount by searching for the right deal scanning through location-specific offers.

93. Cheaper Microsoft Office Subscriptions

Depending on what country you subscribe from you can get significant discounts on your personal or business’s Microsoft Office Suite.

94. Get Access To eBay

If you’re in a country banned off eBay, you can theoretically give yourself a little backdoor entrance into the world’s largest reseller website.

95. Download A Whole Gaming Catalog At A Discount

Scan through European and American servers to land yourself a pretty sweet discount on video games whenever you choose to update your gaming library.

96. Enjoy US Holiday Deals Outside Abroad

Enjoy Fourth of July deals wherever you are in the world; enjoy that proud American discount, rush hour culture even when you’re thousands of miles away.

97. Unblock Tinder

Swipe left on country-imposed bans on Tinder and other dating sites.

98. Black Friday Deals

Are you on a vacation away from home but cannot stand missing out on getting a new lawnmower at cutthroat prices? We’ll get in on the Black Friday madness using an American VPN server.

99. Use It For Good

As you can see, there are unlimited ways to make use of a VPN. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what it’s all about and even though a lot of this is tempting, many of it might not be necessary.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

We personally like VPN just because it gives some privacy and protects our personal device, and we urge you to use this technology for a good purpose as well – It’s a security tool, not a weapon. We will leave you the freedom to fill the 100th point yourself.

How are you using a VPN?

Let us know in the comments below.

Note: This article is written for entertainment purposes and shouldn’t be taken too seriously 🙂

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