Guide to MotoGP Free Streaming: Watch All Races in HD

Motorbike racing doesn’t get more exciting than the MotoGP Championship. Millions of fans around the globe have over 100 media networks that they use to watch as the season unravels, however, most of those are based on subscription, for example, ESPN, Eurosport, and Sky Sports. The issue with these networks is that they charge high fees for their services, which most MotoGP fans are not ready to pay.

This leads them to seek other alternatives where they can watch the races online and not miss a second of the action. When you try and access a MotoGP live stream, you will see that most of these MotoGP streaming sites are blocked in your region. Geo-restrictions will prevent you from accessing the streaming services you want unless you live in that exact location.

With a VPN, you are theoretically able to access all online sites and watch all the action on Marc Marquez and his rivals go head-to-head without having to pay a single cent. To access these geo-blocked channels, you will have to meet one of the two following conditions: either be in the same location as the country where these channels broadcast to, or have a VPN that will give you an IP address from the country where the channel is streaming from. Several VPNs can help you get free MotoGP streaking, some of our recommendations in terms of security and download speed test include:

This is how VPN comes to the aid of sports fans

Whether you have traveled abroad or to another region where there is a different TV market, you will probably need to connect to a VPN to maintain your access to your favorite sporting channels. VPN  transfers your traffic via a tunnel that is both private and encrypted, ensuring that you can stream all sporting action for free. This will be both at great speeds and safely away from all the peeping Toms of data.

If you are at home watching the action, a connection to a VPN will prevent ISP throttling. The VPN will keep your internet traffic both anonymous and encrypted, preventing your ISP from viewing your data and slowing down your streaming. MotoGP free streaming is at your fingertips.

Watch Live MotoGP action from anywhere on the globe

The current MotoGP season was to commence with the Grand Prix of Qatar on the 8th of March, but the Coronavirus outbreak led to the cancellation of this leg and the postponing of several others. The season has, however, resumed with the adoption of stringent health measures, and it is time to get back into the action. The running of unlicensed streams and their access by users around the world is inevitable, especially for high profile events, such as MotoGP. These unlicensed streams, however, provide an inferior experience, with laggy, low-resolution video. Furthermore, it is common to have the unauthorized streams being taken offline during the race, causing you to not even see the end of the race. With all the legitimate ways available to you to watch the races, there is no need to rely on these unauthorized sources for MotoGP free streaming.

These legitimate channels or streaming platforms unfortunately will geo-restrict their content and only allowing access from particular countries.

Using a VPN for free online MotoGP live streaming

If you have never used a VPN before, or this is your first time using a VPN for MotoGP free streaming, follow the steps below to access geo-blocked content from anywhere:

  1. The first step will be choosing which service provider is the best fit for you. There are more than 200 different VPNs available online, but as we mentioned earlier, the best ones according to our research include NordVPN, Surfshark, Secureline, and ExpressVPN.

  2. Choose a plan – the VPN providers offer a few different payment plans, either monthly or annually, or a 3-year plan. The 3-year subscription will usually be cheaper than the shorter ones in a cumulative outlook.
  3. Download and install the app you have chosen.
  4. Decide which streaming services you would like to use for your MotoGP free streaming.
  5. Connect to a server in the relevant location. For example, to unblock BT Sport, you’d need a British server and for Canal+, you’d use a French server.
  6. Then try and play a video on the site that you have chosen. The content should have no issue loading, but if there is any, clear your browser’s cache and cookies, then reload the page. Changing the server might help as well.

When you want to stream the MotoGP live broadcast, test your VPN with the steps provided above before the event starts. This will ensure that if there are any issues, you will have enough time to contact your VPN’s customer support team and not miss any minute of the action.

How free is it really?

This depends on the location where you live. You may be residing in countries that are already offering MotoGP streaming on free channels, for example, Switzerland, Belgium Australia, Germany, and sometimes England. Here, you may not need to use a private network.

If you do not reside in any of these countries, and you have to pay for a channel to stream the MotoGP events, you will need to use a VPN. Subscription to a good VPN is not free, but it will be cheaper than the TV channel subscription (you may also try it out with free trials – NordVPN and Secureline). 

MotoGP International live streaming options

With the huge appeal that surrounds MotoGP, there are different MotoGP streaming services provided in different countries, and the list below provides some of these countries:

United Kingdom

In the UK, BT sports has exclusive rights to broadcast MotoGP in the country. There are cable packages in the country that already have BT sports, and you can sign in and begin streaming immediately at no added cost. If do not have such a cable package, you can sign up for an online-only pass instead, which costs £25 per month.

The service is geo-restricted and can only be accessed within the UK. You will, therefore, need a VPN to use the service if you aren’t in the UK.


NBC Sports is the official broadcaster in the US for every event in the 2020 MotoGP calendar. You can stream any MotoGP event if you are subscribed to YouTube TV, AT&T TV Now, Sling TV, fuboTV, or if your cable package includes NBC Sports. This will be free of charge.

All these services offer the viewer a free trial that may run for 1 month, but you will have to pay as the season does run for several months. At 20 USD per month, Sling TV is the cheapest way to stream the MotoGP action for those who do not have cable.

All the above-mentioned services are only available in America. If you are abroad and want to access these services, you will have to first connect to an American server. You can then use your preferred VPN to get MotoGP free streaming.


TV8 will broadcast the 2020 MotoGP events free-of-charge but with a catch, the only live events that will be shown are those in Italy, Argentina, San Marino, Catalonia, Valencia, Holland, and San Marino. The other events in the calendar will be available a few hours after they finish since Sky Sport owns the rights to broadcast the races live.

Sky TV will require you to have a subscription, which includes Sky Sport, and then download the Sky Go app to stream the MotoGP events. Sky TV also provides a daily, weekly, or monthly Sky Sports pass on Now TV or €9.99, €14.99, or €29.99, respectively for those who aren’t Sky Customers.

As both TV8 and Sky Sports Italia are both geo-restricted, you will have to use a VPN to get an Italian IP address to access the service.


France only has one broadcaster, which will show the 2020 MotoGP season. This is Canal+. The service provides over-the-top subscriptions that cost €19.90 per month (€9.95 per month if you’re under 26 years old) and include a one-month free trial. The MotoGP events will be shown on the Canal+ channel, negating the need to pay extra for the sports channel package.

The Canal+ channel, however, uses geo-restrictions, and users who are outside France cannot watch any content on it. By connecting to a French server, you can then use a VPN to access the channel and stream MotoGP action for free.

There is another way you can get MotoGP free streaming. The Swiss broadcaster, RTS will air the entire 2020 MotoGP season free-of-charge in French commentary. You will not even be required to register, but you will need to have a Swiss IP address to watch any of the action. You will use a VPN to switch to a Swiss VPN and keep up with all the action.

Types of VPNs for MotoGP free streaming

As we mentioned earlier, there are several VPN providers in the market, but some VPNs stand out on performance. These VPNs we believe will be the best suited for free MotoGP live streaming in HD.

1. NordVPN

This is another good VPN provider and has its base in Panama. NordVPN has over 5,000 servers that are based across 59 countries. There are, therefore, more servers to choose from when you want to stream the MotoGP events for free. The company is located in Panama, a country that does not have data retention laws, and its government does not (according to DLAPiper) carry out Internet surveillance. This means that NordVPN does not legally have to retain its logs on its user’s activities.

NordVPN also has great encryption standards where they use 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). The provider also incorporates PGP keys in their customer contact, offering you protection on your account details.


  • Provides state of the art privacy and security
  • Has a kill switch to prevent compromise of the user’s privacy
  • Offers double the protection with double VPN
  • Connect 6 devices on many platform types
  • Runs with fast and stable speeds all around
  • Has many servers around the world for the user to choose from
  • Offers great prices for its services
  • Keeps updating its Netflix support


  • Only some servers support torrenting
  • Poor connection speeds in some Asian countries like Malaysia

2. Surfshark 

This VPN provider is a new player and has been only been around for a year now. Surfshark uses a secure and encrypted tunnel that hides the user’s traffic from anyone who might want to view it. It has protocol selection leveraging both of its key protocols, such as OpenVPN and IKEv2. Surfshark also has strong encryption thanks to its VPN tunnel, which is run to its fullest capacity with AES-256 bit.

Surfshark’s servers do not keep any logs that can be used to track your internet activity. This is a great VPN provider for your MotoGP free streaming.


  • Offers the user a safe and private connection
  • It provides a multi-hop connection
  • The service is available on many platforms
  • Runs with good speeds
  • Has a strong global presence
  • Offers the user great prices for its services
  • Has a smooth user experience
  • Has nifty extra features


  • Has a weak social media presence

3. Avast Secureline

Secureline has steadily grown since it entered the VPN market in 2014 and today, it boasts even faster download speeds than ExpressVPN. The download speed even seemed to beat ISP throttling! The strategically located servers make it definitely a good option for MotoGP free streaming.


  • Free trial option!
  • Quick 15-min setup
  • Has a multi-platform support
  • Provides decent and stable speeds and very good download speed 
  • Good for torrenting


  • Does not work with Netflix
  • High pricing (starting from $79.99 for a yearly package)
  • Has a dodgy jurisdiction and anonymity of data
  • Has limited payment options 

4. ExpressVPN

This VPN provider is arguably the best VPN in the market due to the many features and benefits that they provide. This VPN can offer the user access to numerous servers around the globe, and all of this is done also in unlimited bandwidth. This avoids the threat of poor picture quality while you are streaming, and your bandwidth will not come up short before the race ends.

Express VPN also offers you an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee upon request. We can, however, safely say that it will not come to this.


  • Offers great speeds across all servers
  • Has advanced security for both servers and apps
  • Can easily unblock  streaming sites abroad, even US Netflix
  • Operates in the UAE and China
  • Has no logs
  • Their customer care provides 24×7 live chat support


  • It is a bit more expensive than its rivals
  • It has not labeled its streaming servers
  • There are instances of occasional dropped connections

Updated 2020 MotoGP Calendar

Like all other sporting activities, MotoGP took a hit too, and had to make changes to its event’s calendar. There have been changes made to the calendar with the season consisting of a maximum of 17 events from July up until December. The first event will take place in Spain at the Circuito de Jerez. At the start of August, an official decision will have been made regarding four more races outside of Europe. The current acing calendar looks like this:


Race Circuit Date
Spain Circuito de Jerez 19 Jul
Andalucia Circuito de Jerez 26 Jul
Czech Republic Automotodrom Brno 09 Aug
Austria Red Bull Ring – Spielberg 16 Aug
Styria Red Bull Ring – Spielberg 23 Aug
San Marino Misano World Circuit 13 Sept
Emilia Romagna Misano World Circuit 20 Sept
Catalunya Barcelona – Catalunya 27 Sept
France Le Mans 11 Oct
Aragon MotorLand Aragon 18 Oct
Teruel MotorLand Aragon 25 Oct
Europe Comunitat Valenciana 08 Nov
Comunitat Valenciana Comunitat Valenciana 15 Nov
Americas Circuit of the Americas
Argentina Termas de Rio Hondo
Thailand Chang International Circuit
Malaysia Sepang International Circuit



  1. What can I do with a VPN?

A VPN is a multi-purpose digital survival tool. The VPN tool can be used to hide your IP address and internet traffic from anyone who might want to view it. It will also protect your sensitive information, such as bank account details or passwords. The VPN can also unblock and give you access to your favorite websites and social media pages. You can also stream and download anything safely, anonymously, and without any limits. It is also possible to get discounts when you are shopping online.

  1. Will a VPN slow my internet connection?

Any VPN can do this, but the difference in the two speeds is unnoticeable. If your ISP is limiting or throttling your internet bandwidth, the use of a VPN might boost your speed.

  1. Do I need a subscription to stream MotoGP?

This is dependent on the service that you choose. For most of these services, you will have to have an active subscription, but for some of the free ones, you do not need to. For the high-end VPN applications, you will need to have a subscription, but it will be worth it.

  1. What is the best MotoGP live online streaming service?

The best way for you to tune in for all the MotoGP events in the 2020 calendar is through Switzerland’s RTS channel. Even though the commentary will be in French, the picture quality is second to none, offering an HD quality stream. If you aren’t from Switzerland, you will have to use a VPN to get MotoGP free streaming.

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