PeerBlock Alternative: Why You Should Use These P2P Blockers Instead of PeerBlock

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PeerBlock, previously known as Peerguardian is an open-source firewall that allows users to download torrents via various torrent sites safely by applying a block on IP addresses. It is a P2P blocker and since its inception, this free software has been mostly used by peer-to-peer and BitTorrent users with the main objective being to make their download more anonymous by blocking IP addresses.

PeerBlock works by allowing users to choose from different third-party blocklists. Essentially, these blocklists are huge databases that contain different IP addresses that are automatically blocked when PeerBlock is activated. Once activated, PeerBlock is meant to block different IPs including corporations, malicious peers, and internet service providers.


Here’s why PeerBlock isn’t good for torrenting or privacy

Despite these perceived benefits, the PeerBlock review exposed numerous drawbacks including:

• Since PeerBlock relies on IP lists to block different organizations and peers, there’s a high probability that it can overshoot and end up blocking IP addresses from peers that are not malicious, and these blocked IP addresses may be needed for a smooth torrenting experience.

• Unlike VPNs, it does not offer any type of encryption. This means that it does not secure the user’s torrent traffic against surveillance, and cannot block the user’s ISP from monitoring their traffic.

• While PeerBlock has the capability to block unwanted IP addresses, it cannot hide the user’s address or keep it safe.

• Unlike other VPN and torrenting software and applications, it has not been receiving regular updates for a long time now. The last known update was done in 2014.

• PeerBlock has limitations on the type of operating system that can support it. it only works on Windows OS.

7 Alternatives to PeerBlock

The list below includes 7 best PeerBlock alternative free and paid tools which operate the same level as PeerBlock or a step better, these include:

1. ExpressVPN

One of the most noteworthy features that make ExpressVPN stand out is its speed. This makes it one of the best VPNs to use when streaming movies or torrenting privately or safely. Additionally, ExpressVPN offers its users access to more than 3000 servers across more than 90 countries across the globe. The provider is easy to use with an easy to access features that make it easier to turn it on or off. It offers one of the fastest server connections that requires no prior configuration.

2. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN offers its users a highly reliable, easy to use, and safe VPN that is fast and offers high levels of security to its users. It is able to hide the user’s IP address allowing them to browse safely from anywhere across the world, allowing them to both stream and download torrents anonymously. It also works across several devices and has an easy to use interface and less complicated setups.

3. NordVPN

Over the years, NordVPN has earned the reputation of being one of the world’s highly trusted VPNs. It contains one of the largest server networks on the globe with access to more than 5500 servers located in more than 59 countries across the globe. It offers several beneficial features including speed boosted peer to peer downloads and double encryption servers. It also has a zero-logging policy that covers different aspects including IP addresses, bandwidth, and timestamps. NordVPN is indeed a great PeerBlock alternative.

4. Simplewall

Just like PeerBlock, Simplewall also utilizes the open-source platform to create a firewall that enables users to block both incoming and outgoing traffic as per the user’s specifications. It is a better alternative to PeerBlock since it is lighter and offers the user better network monitoring capabilities. It also has the capability to block Windows Telemetry and prevent spying by default. Unlike PeerBlock, it also provides Pv6 support and allows the users to block IPv6 addresses on top of IPv4 addresses. Users can also create their custom IP blocklists and also set up precise regulations that will direct when Simplewall will block particular traffic.

5. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is another Peerblock alternative. It works just like a VPN service would but offers the user the ability to control the type of traffic, both incoming and outgoing. Private Internet Access increases the User’s security since it utilizes military-grade encryption and a kill-switch.

6. IPList

IPList works in an almost similar way to PeerBlock and is a great alternative especially for users that do not use Windows OS and are in search of a better PeerBlock alternative that works on Linux distros. The IPList client extends similar functionalities as PeerBlock. The major difference that exists between IPList and PeerBlock is that it gets regular updates at a much faster rate than PeerBlock.

7. BeeThink IP Blocker

This is a simple, friendly, and easy to use a firewall that offers its users added control over which IP addresses they want to block. This is different when compared to Peer Block. Programs like Peerblock such as BeeThink are a better Peerblock alternative since users can block a country’s IPs, ban specific IPs , block out a wide array of IPs, and could easily be used to blacklist or whitelist different IPs. Unlike PeerBlock, BeeThink IP blocker is capable of displaying network flows in real-time. Different protocols, IP addresses, ports, and TCP/IP can also be used to filter network packets.


1. What does PeerBlock do?

It is a type of program that is known as an “IP Filter.” PeerBlock will exist deep down within the networking code on your PC. This is where Windows can make or receive network connections for its user and also inspects all the content passing through it. It will look at the IP address this network “parcel” is coming from and compares it against a list of “bad” IP addresses. If PeerBlocker finds a match, it will not let through this network parcel and go to the rest of the computer. PeerBlocker will also look at the IP address that your network parcels are going to and will do the same thing.

2. How to use PeerBlock

There are five steps to using PeerBlocker:

a. Download PeerBlock.

b. Install PeerBlock.

c. Add Blocklists. PeerBlock will come with its own included lists that are useful, but in most cases, the users will need to add more lists.

You should carefully consider which peer classes you want to block. This selection will vary for everyone but at minimum, adding hijacked hosts that are known is a good idea. You can add a block list by:

i. Each list has an updated URL that is listed. Start by highlighting the text, then right-clicking and selecting Copy (or “Copy Link Location” in Firefox).

ii. Then in the PeerBlock interface, click on List Manager.

iii. Then click Add.

iv. Paste the List URL into the Add URL box. You can also add a description to be used for later reference.

d. Finish this process by clicking OK and closing the List Manager. PeerBlock should then be able to check for any updates to these lists automatically.

e. When web browsing, click on Allow HTTP, which will allow the HTTP traffic to bypass the blocklists in PeerBlock. You do not need to go through this process unless a specific website is not working properly.

3. Does PeerBlock work?

PeerBlock is simply an open-source firewall that is used when downloading torrents. The main appeal of PeerBlock is that it can block IP addresses.

PeerBlock can therefore be used to block IP addresses from large corporations, malicious peers, Internet Service Providers (not your own). The idea behind the working of PeerBlock is to block any connections that might be unwanted to keep your tormenting traffic safe.

4. Does PeerBlock hide your IP address?

No PeerBlock does not hide your IP address. It is only able to block or ban other IP addresses.

5. PeerBlock vs VPN

VPN is better than PeerBlock as it can hide your IP address and encrypt your torrent traffic.

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