12 Safe and Free World of Warcraft Private Servers

Are you on a quest to find the best World of Warcraft private server?

Since 2004, Blizzard’s MMORPG has remained one of the most played games on the planet. The developers have continued to support World of Warcraft by adding new expansions and fine-tuning the graphics and gameplay to ensure players continue to return to Azeroth.

The servers that Blizzard maintain are still stable and reliable. They run World of Warcraft smoothly and host regular events, in-game currency, fraction forces balance, and are updated regularly with new patches that further improve the gameplay experience.

However, not all Word of Warcraft players enjoy playing on the official servers. They reminisce of a simpler time before the game, and its interface was redesigned. While Blizzard has provided World of Warcraft servers for these players as a part of their monthly subscription fee, there are plenty of free alternatives that are just as safe and stable.

If you want to return to the glory days of World of Warcraft, then logging into private servers might just be you and your guild need. Here are 12 WoW private servers for you to explore where the only danger you’ll encounter is the dreaded Lich King.

1.   WoW Circle

After several hours playing on this WoW private server, you will begin to wonder if you’re actually playing on the official one. It’s simple to get started. Simply download the client of the version of the game you want to play, register, sign in, and go forth on your quest.

WoW Circle also features a large community of fans and administrators who can answers questions on fixes, updates, installations, and connections. They’re even open to suggestions on how to better improve the experience for their legion of players.

2.   Ether Side

Fans of the Battle of Azeroth expansion should take a look at this Wow private server. Once you’ve downloaded the client, launcher, and registered to play on it, you can quickly level up your character by x15 for reputation, x50 for a quest, and x100 for a kill.

Beware though, that War Mode is continuously on, and the first time you load the game may take some time. But once you’re in and you’ve completed a few quests, you’ll find that this private server is just as stable, if not better, than some of the official Blizzard ones.

3.   WoW Mania

You and your guild can play through The Wrath of the Lich King on this WoW private server. There are also plenty of raids, dungeons, arenas, and unique items scattered around. It’s even got some individual currencies, including VIP tokens, Maniac Points, Transmog Tokens, and more.

The private server has survived for five years and has seen multiple improvements during its tenure. Joining it is as simple as registering on the WoW Mania website. However, you will need to download its client via a torrent. So you’re best to use a VPN to be extra safe.

4.   RetroWow Insta 60

Want to see what World of Warcraft was really like back in 2004 when it launched? This private server scales back many of the modes to provide a more intimate experience and ensure that it remains stable as you slaughter enemies.

This WoW private server can only handle a small number of players compared to other ones on this list, but as raids max out at five players and cross factions are enabled, it won’t hinder your enjoyment. If you’ve got some spare dollars, you can also reach level 60 instantly if you don’t want to grind away for hours.

5.   Unlimited WoW

If level 60 isn’t enough, then this WoW private server can send you straight to a ranking of 255. Unlimited WoW is a fun server, meaning the enjoyment comes from the gameplay and quests rather than focussing your efforts on developing your character.

You’ll need to download a patch and install it to allow for all of the content to be displayed. Then once you’re logged in, you’ll spawn at Lost Rigger Cove and get an indication of how many other players are on the private server. The owners are very dedicated to the success of WoW private servers for players and are regularly providing updates and adding game events to keep players returning for fun.

6.   WoW Freakz

One of the oldest WoW private servers is also one of the best. You’re able to customize how quickly you can level up for experience and reputation, as well as how quickly items will spawn. They aren’t set in stone either. If you want to increase or decrease them, then you can do this at any point in the game.

You’re even able to transfer your creation to any other server for free. At the same time, you’ll also get a full World of Warcraft experience, including dungeons and cut scenes. Hosting up to 7000 players at once, there’s a decent population for such a stable and bug-free server.

7.   Sunwell

For newcomers to this WoW private server, you may be put off by the different settings for each individual world. Sunwell hosts both Wrath of the Lich King and The Burning Crusade. But the Lich King expansion is split into two separate worlds, with both of them containing different leveling settings.

For example, in Angrathar, you will be on x2 until you reach level 69. Then it will reduce to x1 until you cap out at 80. But for Frosthold, it is x3 until you acquire level 68 and then x2 to 80. There are some other settings and multipliers as well, so this World of Warcraft private server might be better suited to more experienced players.

8.   Endless

Cheaters need not apply to the Endless private server. It features a detector that monitors player’s traits and will quickly ban them once caught. Regular players will be greeted to gameplay similar to the original World of Warcraft with a boost for experience at x5.

Registering for this WoW private server is quite simple, but you will still need to download a file in order to access it. Even when it’s hosting around 5000 players, you won’t see any lag and consistently have a stable connection.

9.   Warmane

One of the largest and best WoW private servers, Warmane can host up to 20,000 players across multiple realms of Azeroth while still giving you the impression you’re playing in the original game. The most popular setting is Icecrown from Wrath of the Lich King, with around 12,000 battling at one time.

If you take a lengthy break from visiting Warmane, be warned that your character may get deleted. However, the regular championship events with cash prizes of $5000 might keep you coming back regularly to see how you fare against some of the best players in World of Warcraft.

10. Tauri

The creators of this WoW private server monitor it like a hawk. They squash bugs and look for multiple creative ways to ensure your experience on its platform is safe and stable.

Players can make their way through the Mists of Pandaria and Wrath of the Lich King expansions and multiple rates to quickly level up their character. You’re also able to purchase a VIP membership to buy items at the store. Thankfully, they’re only aesthetic goods and additional features to improve your WoW private servers experience rather than strength items for your character.

11. Panda WoW

This Russian server primarily takes place on the Mists of Pandaria expansion and is designed to have a good time. You can instantly level up to 90 to explore the world, raid dungeons, or battle against other players.

Despite most of the global chat being in Russian, there are English language options as well, but fewer players on this private server speak the language. It’s ideal if you consider your World of Warcraft character a lone wolf who doesn’t play well with others, as you might end up on your own a lot on this private server.

12. Apollo 2

If you’re new to World of Warcraft or want to create your next character, then this private server is the place to do it. There’s a large community of players with top-quality equipment and an auction house where you can try your luck at bidding for character items.

Leveling up is simple at x3 for rate realms and x1 for most other attributes. Raiding dungeons is also another way to increase your experience, especially as there always seems to be plenty of new players joining WoW private servers and looking to boost their ranking.

How Can You Stay Safe on a WoW Private Server?

After being around for over 15 years, dozens of Wow private servers are available for players looking to return to the good old days of the game or play one of their favorite titles without purchasing a subscription fee. However, the best World of Warcraft servers feature very few bugs, are consistently stable, and contain a vibrant community of players and admins who are dedicated to improving the experience for all.

Playing on a World of Warcraft private server is relatively safe, but if you want your mind focussed on raiding dungeons rather than what confidential information may be exposed, then you’re best to log in using a Virtual Private Network. A VPN can provide you with anonymity and protect your personal details from getting accessed.

However, not all VPN’s are alike. Some free ones can significantly reduce your bandwidth, and others don’t completely protect your identification. Before you register for a virtual private network, make sure to get it tested by VPN Testing. We can ensure you’ll get the most out of the WoW private server without the owners raiding your personal details.