ESPN Plus Best VPNs: Live Stream ESPN+ Abroad Outside the US With These Top VPNs

If you’ve tried using ESPN while abroad, you’ll probably find that it doesn’t work in your destination. The ESPN live stream is not available outside the U.S, and regional restrictions (blackouts) apply within the United States. A user can subscribe to ESPN or ESPN+ only while in the country, regardless of whether they subscribe via cable TV or broadband internet. ESPN does not allow access outside the U.S. when a user logs in from outside the country.

Through a VPN, it is possible to stream ESPN live from abroad without being blocked. By connecting to a VPN connection, you can unblock video streams that are restricted by your region. So, you can access these services at home while you are abroad.

The VPNs for ESPN plus

ESPN plus VPNs comparison

VPN Provider Logs Kill Switch Double Hop Speed Number of Devices you Can Connect Countries Router
Express VPN No Yes Yes Fast 5 94 Yes
NordVPN No Yes Yes Fast 6 62 Yes
SurfsharkVPN No Yes Yes Fast Unlimited 61 Yes
PortonVPN No Yes Yes Average 10 32 Yes
VyprVPN No Yes Yes Average 5 32 Yes

Detailed Overview of the Best ESPN plus VPN

Strengths Weaknesses
+Alliances outside of surveillance -No multiple hops
+Split tunneling -No more than five connections at a time
+3.000 servers across 148 countries -Speeds on Macs are slow
+A rotating IP address

You can choose from thousands of servers in dozens of countries with ExpressVPN and change the IP address whenever it’s time to rotate. Due to their location in the British Virgin Islands, they are not included in any surveillance alliance. As part of their security measures, they use AES-256 encryption. Therefore, it is not surprising that the company is our top pick for the best VPN for ESPN plus.

Headquartered in the British Virgin Islands

A British Virgin Islands-based VPN provider, ExpressVPN sounds exotic. More importantly, it’s a great place to maintain privacy. Courts in the country are aggressive in protecting privacy rights, especially concerning online activity. Furthermore, the British Virgin Islands aren’t part of the Five Eyes alliance, the Nine Eyes alliance, nor the 14 Eyes alliance, which are groups of countries led by the U.S. that are bound to recognize one another’s warrants. Because of this, we can feel secure knowing that no one can access our IP addresses or browse history with ExpressVPN.

Rotating IP Addresses

ExpressVPN uses a rotating IP address system. We had an additional level of privacy as a result. Each time we logged in, we received a new email address, so anyone trying to snoop on our activity couldn’t track it back to a single address. When a stranger finds that we’re accessing ESPN+ from Madagascar, will he or she come looking for us? Who can tell? But ExpressVPN prevents that from happening.

3,000 Servers in 165 Countries

ExpressVPN maintains 3,000 servers spread out across 165 different countries. As a result, we are close to the fastest and most secure connection almost anywhere. This means that watching the Superbowl in HD on a beach in Asia is certainly possible with ExpressVPN. It also offers unlimited bandwidth and special servers tuned for ultra-fast streaming. You’ll likely be able to enjoy all your favorite streaming services while abroad with ExpressVPN because it has one of the best unblocking capabilities.

Speed Test Results

ExpressVPN’s servers worldwide consistently performed well in our speed tests, no matter where we ran them. A server located farther from your current location usually performs slower. Despite this, ExpressVPN’s server speeds in France and Australia were very similar, despite the distance.

The results of each country’s servers were almost identical, with minimal fluctuations throughout testing. Even though our usual ISP speed was a little slower, we could easily browse the internet and download large files to all locations.

The OpenVPN and Lightway protocols also improved our speed with ExpressVPN. The ExpressVPN-developed VPN protocol Lightway is designed to ensure maximum security and speed while using fewer resources. Our speeds were impressively high with Lightway, reaching 104Mbps. UDP is the protocol that OpenVPN uses to achieve its maximum speed of 101Mbps. ExpressVPN’s automatic setting offers slower speeds than either of these protocols.

Strengths Weaknesses
+The company has more than 1,700 servers in the US that unblock ESPN, among other content -The connection time can be a little slower for the desktop app
+They have a strong reputation for privacy and security
+It’s faster than most VPNs we tested
+Privacy and security are the company’s top priorities
+All data is kept private and no logs are kept

NordVPN offers 60 servers in 60 countries spread across the globe. With more than 1,700 standard VPN servers throughout the US, connectivity is never an issue. Further, through our speed tests, this VPN came out on top of almost two dozen competitors.

Panamanian law doesn’t require the company to reveal any information about users or their preferences, so it isn’t subject to any draconian laws. Using Bitcoin guarantees users’ privacy and minimizes the paper trail.

In addition to a double-hop VPN, Nord also employs additional security features such as encryption. Sometimes, the company has been asked for information but hasn’t been able to provide any merely because it doesn’t log.

Additionally, the application is available for macOS, Linux, iOS, and Windows.

Internet Protocols

NordVPN uses both IPSec and IKEv2 to establish secure communication with its servers. If we lose our Wi-Fi, IKEv2 re-establishes our VPN connection while IPSec establishes encrypted connections between many devices. Using these protocols when switching from Wi-Fi networks to mobile hotspots or using your own data was helpful.

Split Tunneling

Our entire web traffic is encrypted by default by NordVPN and routed through an encrypted VPN server. The mode is known as a full tunnel. Are you aware that NordVPN also supports split tunneling?

NordVPN allows us to route traffic simultaneously to both the VPN server and a public Wi-Fi network when split tunneling is enabled, easy to find under its Settings tab on Windows laptops and Macbooks. In general, split tunneling is designed to give us more control over our web browsing, but full tunnel encryption is always more secure.

Double VPN

As part of NordVPN’s double VPN, our data passed through multiple servers to achieve multiple levels of encryption. Multi-hop or VPN server chaining is a concept that enhanced our security without anyone knowing what we were doing.

If someone managed to get through the first encryption layer, the second layer of encryption would provide extra security. Our data was protected twice before it reached its destination, which was good since most VPNs use only one server.



+Fast and flexible -lows down occasionally
+Supports multiple platforms
+Multiple connections at once
+Highly secure
+Supports various cryptocurrencies

Surfshark is one of the best ESPN+ VPN for a low price. With Surfshark, you can connect any number of devices at once, unlike other options on this list. Due to this, it is very budget-friendly since your entire household can share one subscription. You can also watch ESPN simultaneously without any interruptions since there are no data caps.

Accessing ESPN couldn’t be easier thanks to over 3,000 servers, including 400+ in the United States alone. ESPN or your ISP, when using Surfshark VPN’s strong encryption, won’t detect you. Apps are available for most major operating systems and devices, including Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android. In addition to the easy-to-follow connection process, Surfshark provides live customer support through live chat 24/7.

The pricing of Surfshark is comparable to that of most competitors, though the unlimited device connections make it the best value. The monthly subscription is $12.95 or $6.49 per month if you subscribe annually. Also, there is a money-back guarantee of 30 days. Surfshark is also on our top list of best VPNs in 2021.

Military-Grade Encryption

All traffic passing through Surfshark servers is encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption. Attempts to decode data at this level are impossible without existing keycodes. You cannot decode this level of encryption with brute force. In fact, both international governments and militaries to secure their private information use this encryption standard.

For Android users, ChaCha20 encryption is an option. You can enjoy faster speeds (like streaming in HD) on your Android device when you activate ChaCha20 with the IKEv2 protocol.

Kill Switch Available on All Apps

Once the VPN connection drops, a kill switch prevents you from surfing the internet until you reconnect. While switching between servers, Surfshark’s kill switches successfully caused our traffic to stop whenever we were interacting with it on Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac.

The “General Settings” menu in Surfshark allows you to toggle the kill switch on or off, unlike some VPNs with an automatic kill switch. If you want maximum security, leave the kill switch on all the time.

Strict No-Logs Policy

The privacy statement of Surfshark is very clear, concise, and easy to understand. That is exactly what you should expect from a good VPN. None of your browsing history, IP address, or other identifying data will be tracked, logged, or shared by default.

The company does collect your email address, password (encrypted), and payment information. If you feel comfortable having this information on file, you can sign up with a throwaway email address and pay with cryptocurrency. Alternatively, you can email the support team and ask them to edit or delete your personal information.



+A split tunneling system -Static IP addresses
+The service supports ESPN+, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+ streaming services -A total of 568 servers are available
+Alliances outside of surveillance -The price structure is unusual
+Technology with multiple hops -Customer service is weak

Its association with CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, and its free VPN service make ProtonVPN a fantastic service for many reasons. Although the VPN does not provide split tunneling, each of these features is available from a high-quality VPN service, along with the ability to stream ESPN+ and a strict no-logging policy.

Based In Geneva, Switzerland

This VPN company chose its headquarters location meticulously, as did many of the other ones on our list. Switzerland is also not part of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes surveillance alliances. In addition, personal privacy is taken very seriously in this country. In particular, Geneva is known for its connection to the CERN laboratories, where the world’s largest Web particle accelerator is located. A great deal of ProtonVPN’s marketing mentions its crowdfunded beginnings as a crowd-funded effort to protect journalists and protesters in the area, and it remains an advocate for better privacy laws in the broader privacy community. We can definitely trust ProtonVPN to stream golf when we use their VPN service.

Free VPN

In addition to offering a free VPN, ProtonVPN offers a good competition for the best free VPNs (for a more comprehensive list, see our list of the best ESPN plus VPNs for free ). We’re not talking about a free trial here, but rather a free VPN. Free services often come with limitations: we could only access servers in three countries, we could only access “medium” speeds, and torrents were not supported. However, even if you are occasionally using a VPN, we think this is an excellent option. In addition to the $4.00 per month plan, ProtonVPN offers two simultaneous connections, higher speeds, and torrenting capabilities. However, while they do not offer discounts for long-term contracts, their full plan with the fastest speeds and access to blocked websites is price-competitive at just $8.00 a month.


Our love for ProtonVPN is in part due to its multi-hop technology. Multi-hop connections are also called ‘double VPNs’ because they travel through two encrypted servers. Two encrypted servers mean our signal is twice as secure as if it traveled through one. Even with just one, we were pretty safe with 256-bit AES encryption. Basically, when we log into ProtonVPN, we feel a lot more secure knowing that our data is protected from bad actors.



+ Mobile applications with strong performance -Some countries only offer streaming
+An IP address that changes dynamically -No more than five connections at a time
+Support for torrents -Multi-hop technology is not available
+Alliances for surveillance outside the U.S -Only Macs and Androids can use split-tunneling

VyprVPN, which has its headquarters in Switzerland, adheres to a rigorous privacy policy that assures the security and privacy of our online activities. In addition, the company provides dynamic IP addresses to make hacking our data harder. VyprVPN is an ideal choice for torrenting, especially when we’re looking to hide our IP address.


VPN providers such as VyprVPN depend on OpenVPN and Wireguard for encryption. Wireguard is well known for its fast speed because it is based on the Linux kernel. In addition to being fast, OpenVPN also bypasses firewalls to establish security. Furthermore, OpenVPN and Wireguard are both open source. Computer scientists from all over the internet have performed its development and testing. As a result, they are not subject to any tampering by government agencies. As a result, VyprVPN provides a secure, private, and safe way for us to transmit data.

Privacy Policy

In addition to its encryption tools, VyprVPN also offers us many other benefits. In their privacy policy, they also list what data they log and what they do not. Obviously, all VPNs must store some information about us. They would have trouble billing us otherwise. Yet VyprVPN explicitly states that it collects no information regarding VPN usage. As a result, they do not track timestamps or our local IP address, nor monitor what websites we visit or keep track of the IP addresses they give us.

It can be helpful for you to avoid monthly throttling by your Internet service provider with a VPN as it conceals the amount of data that is being sent and received by you from the apps and websites you use.


The company’s streaming services, including ESPN+, are fantastic. We also keep some downloaded content on hand since they are not always near a Wi-Fi signal. VyprVPN is the VPN that supports torrenting, which is one of the reasons we like it. As well as offering fast download speeds, they ensure our privacy, which means we can take advantage of whole seasons of our favorite shows without worrying about being tracked. Whether we’re watching ESPN+ or torrenting, VyprVPN has got us covered.

Why Do You Need A VPN to Access ESPN Plus?

Choosing the right VPN is crucial because ESPN blocks unreliable I.P masking companies. You may have experienced difficulties accessing ESPN while abroad because the content is not supported by the country you are visiting. Virtual Private Networking allows you to unblock regionally restricted videos by masking your true location. If you are traveling abroad, you will be able to enjoy your streaming services at home. ESPN actively blocks VPNs, so not all VPNs will work.

Our methodology for compiling this list was as follows:

Using various tests, we collected, analyzed, and developed data lists.

History and culture

We analyzed VPN companies’ histories in addition to our research. Hundreds of VPNs were eliminated based on detailed historical, structural, and operational analysis.

Our team also examined how much consideration VPN companies give to client needs.


You can protect your data with a VPN by choosing from various privacy and security options. To determine whether the companies were members of any alliances or shared information, such as the 14-eyes alliance, we needed to know where they were headquartered to determine which jurisdictions they fell under.

Different laws in different countries govern data breaches. Laws governing data privacy must protect consumers’ data and punish privacy violators. A VPN from a country with no data security laws, or with them but not to our standards, was automatically excluded.


If you want quality streaming, you need a VPN that’s fast. For this reason, we first test them using an Ookla speed test. The result is a complete breakdown of latency, download speeds, and upload speeds. We contextualize the raw numbers so we can better understand how a VPN will impact any given machine. When the VPN is not enabled on a device, we run the numbers twice. We can precisely determine how much difference the VPN makes in terms of machine speed by comparing that to the percentage change.

Streaming Capabilities

The speed of a VPN indicates how well it streams content. Despite this, the results don’t enlighten us on whether a particular VPN is suited for a certain streaming service. As a general rule, streaming services block VPNs to the extent possible. VPNs, however, provide users with the ability to bypass blocks on websites like Facebook. Our selections on this list have all been thoroughly tested to make sure they work with ESPN+.

Privacy and Security

It’s important to us that our VPN keeps our activities secure and private, whether we’re streaming, downloading, or just browsing. The first step is for the company itself to take action. Are they concerned about the safety of our personal information, or are they just looking to sell it?

The best place to start with questions like this is with the company’s privacy policy, which many people probably skip over. Most VPNs claim to do “zero-logging,” but so far, we haven’t found a VPN that actually does what they claim. If the VPN didn’t know anything about us, how could it bill us? However, the actual scope of what they log is outlined in their privacy policies. The VPN service must not log any information about how we use the service. So they don’t record any timestamps, nor do they keep anything about IP addresses, the apps we use, or the websites we visit.

The creation of strict privacy policies is a great start, but it is also important to have the tools to enforce these policies. Companies based in non-allied countries such as Nine Eyes, Five Eyes, and 14 Eyes don’t undergo the same spying as companies with ties to the country. We prefer VPN services that use encryption for our data security, such as AES-256 and OpenVPN protocols. Our VPN selection process also looks for providers that use multihop technology, offer dynamic IP addresses rather than static ones, and have kill switches.

As the last step, we check each VPN against leaks to ensure our information is not compromised. checks each VPN for DNS leaks, while ExpressVPN’s WebRTC test tool checks for WebRTC leaks. The only VPNs that qualify for this list are those that pass both tests.


For any VPN, security and privacy are the most important factors (see above). But having additional perks is nice as well. Split tunneling, for example, is a feature we especially like in VPNs. In addition, we consider the apps of the business and the kind of service it provides in terms of customer service.


Additionally, we want to know how much value VPNs deliver for their price. The best plans are usually those with monthly fees under $10.00 and that offer long-term discounts. However, we look for companies offering interesting pricing options, such as week-long contracts or low monthly fee schedules. In addition to VPNs with free trials, some are completely free, though they typically have limits on the number of connections allowed, the amount of data they provide, etc. Although we’re fans of having choices, we’re not opposed to having options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best ESPN plus VPN? 

The best ESPN plus VPNs include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, ProtonVPN, VyprVPN, and SurfShark VPN.

Can I watch ESPN without cable? 

ESPN is available without cable television. The ESPN+ service does not require a cable subscription but rather a regular subscription that you can create online. You can watch live ESPN through the following streaming services: Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, FuboTV, DIRECTV Stream, Vidgo, and YouTube TV.

Does VPN work on ESPN plus? 

Yes! You can access ESPN plus using a reliable VPN. The server will give your new IP address to you, and if your VPN is good enough, ESPN+ may not have blocked this IP address. You can continue to watch ESPN+ outside of the U.S. this way.

Does ESPN+ work overseas? 

You can only access ESPN +in the United States. You need to use an Unlocator Smart DNS or VPN outside of the United States to sign up for ESPN + and stream. Use Google Play, Apple App Store, or the VPN website to download and install the app. Sign in to your new account after you open the application. Access ESPN+ and Hulu and Sling TV, and other US streaming channels with an American VPN. With ESPN+, you can watch any of your favorite shows and sports from anywhere in the world.

Why is ESPN plus VPN not working?

It’s not possible to stream ESPN+ content outside of the US due to its design for use within America. When your VPN doesn’t work with ESPN+, it’s probably because ESPN has blocked your VPN server.

In any event, it is essential to remember that professional implements blackouts and college sports leagues to protect the rights of the primary rights holder, as defined by them. Whenever you see a message that reads, “This content is subject to blackout,” you must be viewing the event yourself as it is not available on ESPN.