Sports Betting: Best VPN to Bet on Teams Abroad & Protect Your Financial Data

Do you enjoy making your sports watching experience a little more interesting?

Whether it’s picking your favorite team or choosing the player that’s going to win the game, sports betting sites help bring a little extra excitement to the game you’re watching. It doesn’t even seem to matter if the sport is being played in your home country.

But did you know that much like Netflix or YouTube, several online gambling websites have geo-restrictions on them? So, for example, you’re not able to take advantage of some of the odds on betting sites located in Canada or sign up for an account on UK online gambling apps.

Fortunately, there are ways around this by using a VPN. You can use a VPN to access betting sites and put some money down on your favorite team that’s competing abroad. If you’re curious about how this works, find out below how you can access online gambling sites outside your home country.

Why Use a VPN for Online Gambling?


Many people use a virtual private network to protect their privacy and remain anonymous while browsing the internet. These reasons are also why many individuals choose to use a VPN for online gambling.

Using a VPN for online gambling is particularly useful if you’re watching sports outside of your home. If you prefer to view games at a public venue, then there is a chance you’ll be using unsecured wi-fi to access your apps and the internet. Using a VPN will help protect your privacy, so no gets access to your browsing history, passwords, or how much you’re spending when you gamble online.

Even if you are betting on sports at home, your ISP is monitoring your activity. If you prefer not to have them track your spending, you can use a VPN to block what they see. You might even see a reduction in advertisements being displayed to you because your data won’t be shared with anyone else.

Finally, a VPN can help you access sports betting websites located in other countries. If your local gambling app doesn’t let you put some money down on specific sports, races, or activities, then you can try signing up to a sports betting site in another country. Just make sure to have a thorough read of their terms of service to ensure you’re eligible for a payout if you happen to pick a winner.


The main disadvantage of using a VPN for sports betting is around needing to be familiar with both the laws in the country and the rules and regulations of the website you’re using.

In some countries around the world, gambling is illegal. There are others where there are specific laws for online betting. You also need to be aware of rules within your country about betting with overseas operators and placing bets online.

The other reading you’ll need to do is in the terms of service of the website you plan on using. You’ll want to ensure that if. You happen to win some money, that you’re eligible for the money being paid out to you. Some sites may not distribute your winnings if you’re located in another country.

What VPN Features Are Best for Online Gambling?

Unfortunately, not all VPN services are alike. So there are specific features you want to look out for to ensure you’re getting the protection you need, and your information is secure.

The number of server locations included in a VPN service is worth considering, particularly if there are specific countries that you plan on using online gambling sites. Not all VPN offerings have servers in every country. So you’re best to go with the casino VPN that has a high number to increase your odds.

The best VPNs will also include a no-logs policy. If you’re using a virtual private network to stop your internet service provider from recording your data, then you don’t the VPN service capturing it either. Make sure the VPN service includes a no-logs policy so your activity remains anonymous and your data isn’t getting shared with third parties.

Is it Illegal to Use a VPN for Sports Betting?

Using a VPN isn’t illegal in most countries in the world. There are some places like North Korea, China, and Russia that prohibit using one or restrict it for personal use, such as online gambling.

The legalities you need to concern yourself with are around online gambling itself. For example, gambling is illegal in the United Arab Emirates, and there are other countries that have specific rules around online sports betting. So you’ll need to ensure you read through all of the terms and conditions before depositing any cash.

What are the Best VPNs for Sports Betting?

There are literally dozens of VPN services online. Some are free, and others you’ll need to pay a subscription for. Instead of browsing through bullet points of features and benefits, why not check out these VPNs that are perfectly suited for sports betting.

1. ExpressVPN

Includes 94 server locations, can be installed on your wi-fi router, and has a no-log policy.

2. Surfshark

Offers unlimited connections, features 61 server connections, and has a no-log policy.

3. NordVPN

Features 62 servers, has a no-log policy, and works on a wi-fi router.

4. Perfect-Privacy

Has 23 server locations, includes unlimited connections, and has a no-log policy.


Provides 34 server locations, features a no-log policy, and works on wi-fi routers.

How to Find the Best VPN for Online Sports Betting

It’s not impossible to do some online gambling on your favorite sport. It just might be that you’ll need to use a VPN to access another country to place the bet. While you’ll need to perform some light reading on the terms of service and ensure the country you’re doing the online gambling in allows you to reap their rewards, using a VPN can make sure your identity and personal information are protected at all times.

Finding the right VPN can be a time-consuming task. So rather than trial several 30-day money-back guarantee offerings, head over to VPN Testing Best VPN page to find out everything you need to know about the best online gambling VPN services all around.